Jawa motorcycles to get Mahindra Mojo engines

Mahindra and Mahindra announced the launch of Jawa bikes in India before March 2019. Mahindra owns the rights to sell Jawa branded motorcycles in India and other South East Asian countries and the brand is working to make new affordable Jawa motorcycles. New details about the Jawa brand has just surfaced and we will be able to see the bikes in our market pretty soon.

Jawa motorcycles to get Mahindra Mojo engines

Mahindra is currently developing the new models under the Jawa and BSA brand in India the production will start at Mahindra’s Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh plant from mid-2018. According to ACP, the new bikes will be powered by the same 300cc engine platform that is available with the Mahindra Mojo bike.

The Mojo is powered by a single-cylinder 300cc, liquid-cooled engine which also gets fuel injection. Mahindra will not use the exact same engine but a new engine based on the current engine. Mahindra may scale down to 250cc or scale up to 350cc to maintain the iconic bike’s heritage. In all likeliness, Mahindra will put a 350cc engine in the Jawa bikes, which will help it to take on the Royal Enfield 350cc motorcycles in India.

The engine was specially developed for the Mojo but it remains quite underutilised till now. As per a source that revealed information to ACP, the displacement of the motorcycles will depend on the market research and the opportunity.

But why the Mojo engine?

Jawa motorcycles to get Mahindra Mojo engines

The engine is quite reliable and has a lot of potentials to be re-engineered and used in other new models. Developing a new engine from scratch requires a lot of investment and time. To quickly gain entry in the market, a modified version of the current engine makes a better strategy. Mahindra recently used the Mojo engine in low-cost Mojo UT. The engine loses out on certain features including fuel-injection and dual exhaust. We can see a similar iteration of the engine in Jawa bikes.

The Jawa motorcycles will get retro styling and with a modern era engine, it will attract a lot of millennial enthusiasts. This will allow Mahindra to work on the new motorcycles on a fast track and launch them in the market as soon as possible. The same source also says that the BSA motorcycles may also get powered by the same engines.

As good as Royal Enfields?

That depends on how you look at it. The Jawa branded motorcycles will have the classic looks but the engine will be as advanced as it can be in an affordable motorcycle. It will not get the iconic thump that Royal Enfield motorcycles are famous for. However, with retro styling and a good mix up of modern equipment, the Jawa motorcycles can have magnetic effects.

We can expect the Jawa branded motorcycles to be launched in India by the end of this year. No one currently knows how the motorcycles will look like but they are expected to get the iconic Jawa DNA that can be used as a marketing tool for the brand. The prices are expected to be around Rs. 2.5 lakh to Rs. 3 lakh.

Source: ACI