Jawa 42 being transported on tempo receives speeding challan

With automated challans becoming a norm across India, there are many motorists who get the wrong challans. Here is a Jawa 42 getting transported on a flatbed towing vehicle received a challan for overspeeding on a flyover. Here is what happened.

Jawa 42 being transported on tempo receives speeding challan

The authorities and Delhi traffic police have now installed a network of CCTV cameras across the city that constantly monitor the speed of the vehicles. In the latest incident, a Jawa 42 owner, who loaded the bike on a flatbed to transport it received a challan for overspeeding. The owner loaded the bike on the flatbed after the battery of the bike ran out and the owner was unable to start it. The automated traffic challan system sent two challans from two different locations to the owner by SMS.

The first incident happened at Traffic Island, Kajuri Chowk flyover in Usmanpur while the second challan came from the Outer Ring Road, Gandhi Vihar. The owner of the motorcycle – Major Kumar received the challan and was quite surprised by the act. He posted the same on social media platforms.

As per the challan, the Jawa 42 bike was doing a speed of 44 km/h in a 30 km/h zone. In both cases, the speed remains the same. It is highly likely that the automated challan system captured the motorcycle’s registration number and captured the speed of the bike while it was loaded on the flatbed.

Jawa 42 being transported on tempo receives speeding challan

Automated challan systems

In Delhi, just like many other parts of the country, there is a different speed limit set for heavy vehicles, private vehicles and commercial vehicles. However, since the automated system cannot differentiate between a car or a truck, all the commercial vehicles (with yellow number plates) have to follow the speed limit set for heavy vehicles. All the cabs in Delhi follow the speed limit for heavy vehicles.

Jawa 42 being transported on tempo receives speeding challan

The systems work automatically and they identify the vehicles that are speeding and send challans virtually. We are not sure if there is human intervention in this step but we definitely think that there should be someone monitoring the systems. There are instances where the system also captures the registration number wrongly and send challan to the owner of a different vehicle altogether.

How to dispute wrong challans?

In Delhi, the website to pay challan can be used to raise a dispute as well. There are several options on the website like fake registration number, wrong challan and more that one can select and send to the authorities. The officials then review the challan dispute and approve or disapproves the claim. In Delhi, there are speed cameras located at various places throughout the union territory. These cameras also work at night so one cannot even think of crossing the speed limit after the sunset.

Since many do not pay the challans that they receive online, the traffic police department has come up with a new idea. The authorities will now send notices at home and if the owner of the vehicle does not reply or pays the fine, the license of the driver and even the registration of the vehicle may get cancelled.