Jawa with Red Rooster performance exhaust: Check out its performance & sound [Video]

On of the popular modification among motorcycle owners is the exhaust upgrade. This is quite common among Royal Enfield buyers as they switch the stock exhaust with aftermarket ones for the bassier thump. Another group of owners who are looking for an exhaust upgrade are Jawa owners. Many of them ave already started modifying Jawa (Classic) and Jawa 42s as per personal interest. Here we have one suc example of a Jawa 42 where the owner has upgraded from stock exhaust and installed red rooster performance exhaust. The video has been uploaded by Ayush Verma on his Youtube Channel. Let’s have a look at the video and see how does the Jawa 42 sound.

The video shows a Jawa 42 which is already installed with a red rooster exhaust. The video doesn’t show the installation process. The bike is switched on an instantly you can there is some change in the exhaust note. The rider then takes it out for a spin to know how more about the exhaust.

One thing that you will notice in the video is that at lower revvs the exhaust sound is quite good, bassier and is not something that you would not like. It has that grunt and thumb feeling at lower revvs. As the RPM rises, the exhaust opens up and shows its true colours. The Note is still bassier but becomes a bit louder. The rider even says on camera that he had never thought that a single cylinder engined motorcycle will produce such a sweet sound. Both the Jawa’s have a twin exhaust set up which looks good and that is again a reason why Jawa even in stock condition does not sound bad.

Jawa with Red Rooster performance exhaust: Check out its performance & sound [Video]

Both Jawa 42 and Jawa (Classic) motorcycles uses a 293cc, four stroke single cylinder unit derived from the Mahindra Mojo. Liquid cooled, fuel injected motor of Jawa makes 27 Bhp of peak power and 28 Nm of peak torque and is mated to a six speed manual gearbox. Jawa also launched a factory custom bobber Perak last month. At Rs 1.94 lakh, ex-showroom, it is one the most affordable factory custom bobber currently on sale in India. Bookings for Perak will start in January next year and the deliveries will start around April. Classic Legends has also announced that the Jawa Perak’s 332cc engine will also be offered on new variants of the Jawa 42 and Classic, which will be pricier than the smaller engined models.