Jawa's 3 new 300cc motorcycles: Launch date revealed

Jawa’s 3 new 300cc motorcycles: Launch date revealed

The Jawa is becoming reality day by day and fans can’t but rejoice. Now, the current update by Classic Legends says that the official launch date for Jawa bikes is 15th of November. That makes it about one month from today. So start counting folks, the Jawa dream is coming true.

Jawa Engine 1

Not only that, the launch event will have the company showcase not one but three variants of Jawa motorcycle. Just a few days back the company revealed the design and specification for the engine to be used on the motorcycle and now this, festive season for sure is getting a lot more fun now. The makers have also promised to replicate the retro design theme Jawa is known for.

The upcoming motorcycle will be powered by a 293cc Single Cylinder, Fuel injected, DOHC engine which will produce 27 Bhp of peak power and 28 Nm of maximum torque. The engine design showcased gave a glimpse at its design which is in lieu with the old Jawa design policy. There will be two silencer pipes and the motor has been tuned to be give a generous mid-range along with a flat torque curve. This, in turn, will help in providing a consistent power delivery, a trademark of classic bikes.


The resurrection of the Jawa brand is being done by Classic Legends, which in turn is owned by the Mahindra group. The advent of Jawa brand will also greatly help the ailing Mahindra two-wheeler business. The Mahindra Mojo was a good bike but was killed because of the stiff and demanding competition. It, however had a very good and smooth 295 cc engine which is about the same displacement as the upcoming Jawa engine, though the company has confirmed that both the engines are independent of each other.

Upon its inception, the company will start with 100 strong dealerships and registration for the same is still going on. The biggest threat by the brand’s revival will be to Royal Enfield and other retro themed bike makers like UM and Bajaj’s Avenger series. But it will be good to finally have some real competition in the segment which is largely ruled by Royal Enfield and hopefully, the rivalry will bring out better bikes over time.