Jaywalking almost leads to disaster, as woman hit by biker falls into truck’s path (Video)

India has one of the largest road networks in the world. In most cities, pedestrians crossing the roads is quite common. To ensure the safety of the pedestrians, the authorities offer solutions like zebra crossings. But, most motorists do not respect the laws for zebra crossing, and often cross the road wherever they please. And not just them, but others too face the consequences.

Here we have a video how everything went very wrong for a couple crossing the road. The video is posted by Cyberabad Traffic Police. The CCTV footage shows a wide four-lane road and a couple trying to cross it. There is heavy traffic and as usual, no vehicle is following the lane markers.

The couple starts crossing the road together and after they cross three lanes successfully. Most people who cross the road like this are careful, even though they break the law – and the motorists on the road see them and adjust speeds to allow them to pass. However, this undeclared co-operation does not always work well. Here, the couple crosses the road carefully across three lanes, but then panics and makes a mistake. On their last lane to cross, the couple spot a motorcycle approaching leaving them no space – and instantly, the man runs across the road leaving the woman behind. Perhaps he expected her to run after him, or ran suddenly on reflex. The woman did not know what the do and the approaching motorcycle hits her, throwing her directly into the path of an unloaded truck.

Jaywalking almost leads to disaster, as woman hit by biker falls into truck’s path (Video)

The truck driver perhaps saw what was happening ahead of him – and that saved the woman. He swerved to his left, barely missing the fallen woman. From the video, it looks like all the wheels of the truck missed the woman. The motorcycle stops, the pillion rider gets off the bike to check on the woman – and then perhaps realising that he and his friend might get into legal trouble for this, he flees the spot on the motorcycle with his friend. A passerby tries to chase them but to no avail.

From the video, we cannot see the man who ran across the road and what his reaction was. The woman seems to be trying to sit up.

Here, the motorcyclist was perhaps not at fault though he was not riding very carefully. Mostly, we think he could not help hitting the suddenly stationary woman. The truck driver acted reflexively. But his act actually could have led to another accident, if there were a car or scooter riding parallelly to him on his left side. There would have been another crash, or even a death if that were the case. Thankfully that did not happen.

Distracted driving

Distracting driving or riding a motorcycle can be disastrous. We have seen in the past how distractions can cause accidents. Taking steps against distractions, the government has also made it illegal to talk on mobile phones or text while operating a vehicle.

While there is still a lot of confusion about talking on the phone while driving, a few states consider talking while driving illegal if even if the driver is using hands-free devices. However, India’s transport minister Nitin Gadkari said that hands-free devices are legal. There is a tussle going on at the moment.

We often see people on two-wheelers riding side by side and talking while riding. This is a dangerous practice and causes a lot of accidents as well. One should never talk to fellow riders verbally while riding.

It is always best to stop and talk. Well, the laws in India also do not allow two-wheeler riders to talk on their phones while riding. Even headphones are banned in India and one can get challan while using headphones while riding.