Watch JCB demolishing Mahindra Scorpio & Toyota Fortuner of UP gangster [Video]

Government officials on Saturday used a backhoe to demolish the house of gangster Vikas Dubey in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The criminal whose accomplices shot dead eight policemen during a failed raid in village Dehat of Kanpur. The district administration of Kanpur used the same earthmover that the criminals used to block the police vehicles in Bikru village, which is about 45 km away from the district police headquarter.

Apart from demolishing the house, the officials also used the same JCB to destroy two cars that were parked in the house. A video on the internet shows the backhoe toying with the white Mahindra Scorpio and turning it into a mangled pile of metal. The JCB can be seen moving around the wreck as the officials look on. In the background, a first-generation Toyota Fortuner can be spotted mangled in the same way. The Fortuner’s roof has been completely destroyed. Both Mahindra Scorpio and Toyota Fortuner are built tough and are quite popular in the Indian market.

The officials have not mentioned if the car belonged to the criminal Vikas Dubey of his accomplices yet. Both the vehicles have been completely destroyed and there is nothing that can be done to save them and make them usable.

Watch JCB demolishing Mahindra Scorpio & Toyota Fortuner of UP gangster [Video]

The killing of eight policemen during the raid sent a shockwave and the Kanpur Police swung into action. The Inspector General (IG) of Kanpur, Mohit Agarwal said that the fortified one-storey house was built in 2013. It had a boundary of 12 feet all around and barbed wire was placed to protect the palatial house. He also said that Dubey has been accused by the people for grabbing the land by using muscle power to build the house. He also is accused of extorting money from the people.

The cops are looking for evidence at the demolished house now and they have even found a bunker. There were 25 live rounds and shrapnels found with two kg of explosives and six country-made pistols. IG Agarwal says that the infrastructure could have allowed the criminals to survive for days safely.

The ownership of the JCB that was found blocking the way could not be identified yet. However, the cops seized the JCB Backhoe and used it to demolish the house and the cars parked there. Kanpur Police have also taken sub-divisional officer (SDO) and another employee of power sub-station from where the electricity supply interrupted during the raid. The police are investigating how officials gave the information of the raid to the criminals and helped them to kill the policemen.

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