JCB rescues passenger after car sinks on a flooded road [Video]

Roads on many parts of India have waterlogged due to heavy rains. Just like every year, this year also we have been seeing reports of accidents related to rains have been reported from many parts of the country. We have seen reports of people getting stranded on flooded roads and were later rescued by others. In one such incident, two people who were trapped inside a sinking car were rescued by locals in Chikkamagaluru district of Karnataka. The video of the incident is now surfacing online and has gone viral on the internet.

The video report has been shared by MIRROR NOW on their YouTube channel. According to reports, Chikkamagaluru district of Karnataka has been reporting heavy rains lately. Most of the low lying areas in the region are already underwater. The rains have affected the lives of the people in the region. The car seen here in the video was actually washed away in flood waters. The water level in Ayyanakere Lake in Chikkamagaluru had gone up and was overflowing. The car was being pushed away by the water.

Even the roads surrounding the lake is flooded. The car probably got stuck in the flood waters and force of the water was pushing it away. Local residents spotted the car being washed away with passengers in it. They acted fast and worked on rescuing the passengers. As seen in the video, the car was sinking and the locals were doing their best to rescue people. They tried pushing the car out using a back how loaded but, it was in vain. The locals then broke the windshield of the car and pulled the passengers out.

JCB rescues passenger after car sinks on a flooded road [Video]


According to reports, the doors of the car got jammed due to water pressure and this stopped the passengers from getting out. The rear of the car had gone underwater which made things even riskier for the passengers. The local resident who was tied to the backhoe loader or better known as JCB is seen hitting the windshield of the car with a metal tool. He successfully manages to break the glass and rescue the passengers. Quick thinking from the locals is what saved the lives of the people inside the car.

Driving on flooded roads is always a risk, even if it a route that you take regularly. When water fills on to the road, it completely changes the scenario. You never know, how deep the water actually is and there are even chances that the road might have broken. When a person is driving on a flooded road, he would have no idea about the edges. If the road is next to a water body like in this case, the risk of driving into the lake increases even more.

In this case, the passengers were lucky to be rescued by the locals but, there are incidents where people have drowned with the car. The other problem is for the the vehicle itself. If the car is driven through water, there is a possibility that the engine might get hydrolocked. In such situations, you will have to get the car to a service station and get the water out from the engine which is a time consuming as well as an expensive procedure.