Jealous much? 5 cars under Rs 15 lakh get the stares (for now!)

A lot of people might make you believe that cars are their passion, their way to earn livelihood, or even their mode of transport. But don’t believe all that. Cars are, above all, a form of art. And like other forms of art, cars too draw us mere mortals’ attention towards them. We take a look at some cars, priced under Rs 20 lakh, that get all the stares, be it because of their newness or awe-inspiring design.

1. Renault KWID

Jealous much? 5 cars under Rs 15 lakh get the stares (for now!)

A sub Rs 3 lakh SUV isn’t likely to happen, but a car that gets some of the SUV-like styling bits is certainly possible. And Renault has not only shown that, but has also managed to tell the rest of the automotive world that even without the use of tacky styling, a head-turner can be made. And it doesn’t cost a lot to own one, either. Prices for the Kwid start at a little above Rs 2.5 lakh for the base version while the top-spec car just crosses the Rs 3.5 lakh mark.

There’s no use of sharp lines on the Kwid, but instead the car gets crossover styling (black cladding running on the lower part of the car), imposing front-end, and of course, the curved surfaces which make the Kwid look slightly curvy like the Duster.

2. Ford Figo

Jealous much? 5 cars under Rs 15 lakh get the stares (for now!)

Okay, Ford once owned Aston Martin, and that has certainly left some influence, hasn’t it? The wide grille of the Ford Figo might not make you believe that it’s an Aston but it will surely grab your eyeballs. Launched right after the Ford Figo Aspire compact sedan, the Figo looks more stylish among the two. The fascia gets a good looking (not overly large) trapezoidal gille and swept-back headlamps, while the rear gets a prominent character line on the boot, flanked by stylish taillamps.

Unlike the earlier Figo which looked okay (but was great to drive) at best, the new car is more attractive indeed. Prices start at Rs 4.3 lakh onwards.

3. Fiat Avventura

Jealous much? 5 cars under Rs 15 lakh get the stares (for now!)

While continuing the same silhouette as the Giugiaro-designed Fiat Grande Punto, the Fiat Avventura crossover is actually based on the new, India-specific version of Punto Evo. Much like the Punto Evo, the Avventura gets appreciation connoisseurs of good-looking cars. In addition to that, those interested in slightly rugged-looking versions of regular cars like this Fiat very much.

The styling may look a bit over the top to some, but that’s what really works for the Avventura. The 16-inch wheels, roof rails, spare-wheel mounted on the tailgate, abd plastic claddings for the rugged look, all make the Avventura a looker.

4. Hyundai Creta

Jealous much? 5 cars under Rs 15 lakh get the stares (for now!)

Launched two months ago, the Creta received praise from journalists, enthusiasts, and prospective new car buyers. It drove well and prove to be a good alternative to the existing players like the EcoSport, the Duster, etc. The long waiting period added to the exclusivity, but it really was the styling reminiscent of the Hyundai Santa Fe that seems to have won hearts and glances alike.

If there was a sure shot way of finding of how a soft-roader should look, the Santa Fe would certainly have made it to the list. And Creta, while being smaller, is much more affordable, and no less attractive.

5. Skoda Octavia

Jealous much? 5 cars under Rs 15 lakh get the stares (for now!)

It might be the oldest car on the list (so no novelty there), but the Octavia is still not a very common sight. The D-segment isn’t a numbers segment, so you aren’t going to see a lot of Octavias on Indian roads.

Based on an MQB platform, the Octavia is one of the best front wheel drive cars. But that’s when you get behind the wheel. From the outside, it appears to be a product of the VW Group, but with class that could even match that of the A4. The design is understated, but additions like daytime running lamps and sharp styling mean the Octavia is still a superb sight.

And those who couldn’t make it:

Mahindra XUV500

Jealous much? 5 cars under Rs 15 lakh get the stares (for now!)

The only monocoque-based Mahindra SUV in the country was (and still is) very different to look at, especially when compared to all other Mahindra vehicles. So it was worth turning your head and looking at it twice, when launched (in 2012), but not so much now. The facelift was mild, and thus saved our necks from the trouble.

Hyundai Elite i20

Jealous much? 5 cars under Rs 15 lakh get the stares (for now!)

It’s a looker, the i20. Put it in an European showroom, and the car will look as much in place as it does here. Its success, sadly, means that there are a lot of Elite i20s around, and once our eyes become accustomed a design as nice as the i20’s, they stop noticing…