The Compass has been a runaway success for Jeep in India. For adventure seekers, it is also offered with an optional 4×4 in the top end diesel Limited trim and off late, Jeep has been trying to promote this version by offering a limited time period offer. So the big question – does the Compass 4×4 justify the Jeep brand?

To find out just that, we drove to the famous off-road adventure zone in Gurgaon and decided to take our long term Compass through a set of 8 different obstacles. If you want to skip reading the text, here’s our video of the same.

  • Autocross

As visible, this was a flat-out, crazy sprint through loose sand and tight corners. I stuck to the sand mode and the Compass seemed to tackle all this just fine. Later, I did switch the ESP off to let the SUV loose and boy was it fun!

  • Chicken Humps

This section not only tests the wheel articulation, it also is a measure of how quickly the transmission can transfer power to the right wheels. As you can see, the Compass came out with flying colors.

  • Tyre Catcher

As the name suggests, these are tricky sand holes wherein the elastic rubber of the tyres can grip your own SUV and result in stalling of the vehicle. A few ruts were challenging but our Compass eventually came out without an issue.

  • Elevation Spikes

This wasn’t a low speed stretch but started off with a rather deep descent, continuing into a straight uphill incline. Seemed too easy right?

  • Rocky Crawl

To be frank, this section was a piece of cake and showcased the minimal body movement of the Jeep Compass.

  • Chicken Holes

This is also known as the axle twister and for the right reasons. The pits here are quite deep and in spite of scraping the bumper and the mud flaps, the Compass used all its torque to come out quickly.

  • Camel humps

We loved driving up these steep humps only to come down with a nose dive – no problem at all as both the torque and brakes come handy and in spite of no low ratio, the Compass managed to do this easily.

  • Slush pit

And saving the best for the last, the slush pits were pure fun. While the water wasn’t too deep, the slippery slush made things challenging but switching to the ‘mud’ mode helped ease up things.

The biggest little hurdle here is the front bumper – as you can see, during driving into one of the deeper chicken holes, the front bumper touched down easily and we had to back-off. Apart from this, in this segment of Rs 20 lakh SUVs, the Jeep Compass has an ace up its sleeve in the form of the 4×4 modes which the rivals do not offer. But if you are an out and out adventure seeker, wait for the upcoming Trailhawk version that offers higher ground clearance and better approach / departure angles. That said, for occasional off-road drivers like you and me, this Limited 4×4 does just fine!