Jeep Compass gets 8,100 bookings in less than a month of launch

Late last month, Jeep launched their most affordable vehicle in India, the Compass. As per Jeep India, the vehicle has already received more than 8,100 booking from all over the country.

Jeep Compass gets 8,100 bookings in less than a month of launch

Following the massive bookings, Fiat India Automobiles – the JV between Tata Group and Fiat Chrysler is ramping up the production in their Ranjangaon facility near Pune. The production will now take place in two shifts for six days a week for the first time. Tata’s upcoming Nexon is also a driving force behind the increase in production at the plant.

The Jeep Compass is available in both petrol and diesel disguise. The price for the petrol model starts at Rs. 14.95 while the top-end diesel costs Rs. 20.65 lakh, all prices are ex-showroom, Delhi. There is no information on the waiting period of the SUV yet, and Jeep is yet to officially introduce the petrol version of the vehicle in the market.

But why is it selling so much?

Jeep’s brand – The Jeep brand name is internationally acclaimed and has a very high value to it. Jeep cars have been around for ages now. The Jeep brand name is driving a lot of customers to the Compass.

Affordable and capable – A Jeep under Rs. 20 lakh is a huge plus point for the car. The 4wd variant gets various capabilities like Snow, Auto, Mud and Sand, which makes it quite a capable vehicle. The market anticipated lower prices for the Wrangler when it was launched in India and was disappointed. The Compass attracts a lot of Jeep lovers with its price point.

Compact yet macho – The Jeep Compass is compact and yet has the stereotypical characteristics of the Jeep. It is a 5-seater vehicle and small enough to be used daily in the crowded Indian cities. The car has distinctive looks and can stand out from the crowd with signature Jeep design.

A lot of variants – There are as many as ten variants of the Jeep Compass in India. There is 4X2 petrol, 4X2 diesel, 4X4 diesel variants. The petrol model also gets automatic transmission as an option. That allows a lot of customers to choose what they need.

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