Jeep Compass owner: Will never buy a Mahindra Scorpio N [Video]

Mahindra Scorpio N is currently in the news for many reasons. The deliveries for the same have started and ownership experience and reviews of the same have started surfacing online. Dealerships even organised mega delivery  events for Scorpio N in many parts of the country. Mahindra as we know has only started the deliveries for the Z8 L varaints and will be soon moving to the lower variants. We have seen many videos where owners of other SUVs share their experience with Scorpio N after driving it. Here we have a video where a Jeep Compass owner explains why he won’t choose Scorpio N over Compass.

The video has been uploaded by Arun Panwar on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger offers his brand new Mahindra Scorpio N to his friend and fellow YouTuber who owns a Jeep Compass facelift. The other YouTuber drove the Scorpio N for some distance while the vlogger drove his Jeep Compass. After driving for some distance, they stopped at a spot to compare both vehicles.

The Scorpio N seen here is a Z8 L 4×4 manual variant and the Jeep Compass is the diesel manual 2WD version. The owner had spent almost Rs 27 lakh to get the Compass on-road while the Mahindra Scorpio N is almost 2 lakh cheaper. Vlogger mentions that Scorpio N offers a much more lighter steering wheels and gear shifts. The gear shifts are however not even. At times, they feel very cheap. In Compass, the steering wheel and the gear shifts are much more heavier and tight. This offers driver a bit more confidence while driving at high speeds.

Jeep Compass owner: Will never buy a Mahindra Scorpio N [Video]

Jeep Compass owner admits that Mahindra Scorpio N is much more spacious than his Compass and it also looks huge from the outside. It is definitely a value for money product but, there are some features that Mahindra Scorpio N is still missing. The SUV offers a touchscreen infotainment system but, it does not support Apple CarPlay. There are no auto-dimming IRVMs, memory seat function and a panoramic sunroof are some of the features. These features are available with Jeep Compass. The owner also mentions that the quality of screen on Jeep Compass is much better than what is offered in Scorpio N.

Coming to the looks, Jeep Compass owner admits that Scorpio N has an imposing look and when compared to his Jeep Compass, it looks huge. Mahindra Scorpio N is also the only 7-seater SUV in the segment that is offering a proper 4×4 SUV at this price range. To conclude his comparison, Jeep Compass owner says that he really liked Mahindra Scorpio N as a product but, if he is given a chance he won’t still buy it. The reason for that is because he is looking for an SUV which is not huge in terms of size and is much more easier to live with on a day to day basis. If he has to buy an SUV other than Jeep Compass he might consider XUV700 as it is much more feature rich when compared to Scorpio N.