This Jeep Compass with rooftop tent looks impressive

In the past we have seen several examples of modified SUVs and cars from different parts of India. The main reason behind these modification is to give it a personal touch or make it more convenient by adding a bit more features or accessories. Some of them customise their vehicle to give it a sporty stance whereas some make modifications to make it more practical. We have seen several SUVs with off-road friendly modifications in the past. Here we have one such video that shows a Jeep Compass that has been neatly modified with a roof top tent and is ready for an all India road trip.

The video has been uploaded by Arun Smoki on his youtube channel. The video starts with the vlogger showing the exterior and interior of the Jeep Compass. The Jeep Compass belongs to another youtuber who is planning to start an all-India trip in this SUV. The youtuber is planning for a road trip which is almost 25,000-30,000 kms long. As part of this road trip they will also be going to Bhutan and Nepal as well.

The trip has already started and this video was shot in between the trip. Name of all the place that they will be crossing as part of the trip has been mentioned on the body of the car. Chrome elements on the car have been blacked out including the roof. The main modification on this SUV is however the rooftop tent itself. This tent can be easily setup within 15-20 mins and can easily accommodate 3 people in comfort. The tent gets a comfortable mattress and has windows, mosquito nets, sun shades and so on. The main benefit of having this tent setup in the vehicle is that the occupants can save a lot on hotels.

This Jeep Compass with rooftop tent looks impressive

They have bought a table on which gas stove has been fixed and they are carrying ration that they’ll need during the trip. Four artist had drawn paintings on the tent to give it a different look. The Compass seen in the video is an almost new vehicle and was bought in 2019. The car has done over 38,000 kms already.

As the vehicle is still under warranty, the owner could not make many changes that he wanted for the trip. The inverter that is installed in the car is also installed in a way that it does not affect the warranty of the car. The youtube then talks about the performance and mileage of the Compass. After installing the tent and filling the boot with clothes and ration, the weight of the SUV has increased and that has affected the fuel economy as well. The Jeep seen here is a 4×2 diesel Limited variant compass which is decently loaded both outside and inside.

The youtuber mentions that the overall cost of modifications like the tent and all the other elements has cost him around 2 lakh and the overall cost of his road trip is approximately Rs 10 lakh. This includes all the expenses like tolls, servicing and other miscellenious expenses including Rs 1.5 lakh for fuel only. Overall, the Compass looks great in this overlanding avatar.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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