Jeep Compass stuck on crowded beach: Tow rope snaps during rescue [Video]

Driving beside a sea shore might seem like a fancy idea to test the off-road prowess of an SUV and for having some moments of fun. However, at the end of the day, it is an avoidable and stupid idea to execute. A few months ago, we saw a Hyundai Creta getting stuck on the loose sands of a beach in Goa when its driver was trying to have some fun at the beach. That incident damaged the mechanicals and interior of the Creta. And now, we have come across a similar incident involving a Jeep Compass.

This guy deserves it from Kerala

The said incident has been reported on Reddit by an unknown account. In the video post uploaded on Reddit, we can see a Jeep Compass sailing through the loose sands of a beach in Kerala, but later on, it gets stuck at the sea shore. The driver of the Jeep Compass is seen trying hard to take out the vehicle in reverse, but the more he accelerates, the deeper the tyres of the SUV go. The video also shows a few visuals of the other people fighting with the driver, who were accompanying him in the SUV.

The incident attracted several onlookers at the spot – while some of them were trying to help the Compass driver and his friends take out the SUV from the sea shore, others were seen watching the whole process as spectators. In the end, after trying rigorously to get the vehicle out but failing miserably, a crane was called at the spot to take the Jeep Compass out of the seashore.

Ground clearance is not enough

The video does not show the aftermath of the process, but, likely, the owner of the Jeep Compass and others seated in the SUV at that moment might have been penalized or arrested. However, no such confirmation has come out as a conclusion of this incident. It is also not clear whether the SUV suffered from major damages to its mechanicals or interior.

This incident once again demonstrates that not every vehicle with high ground clearance is meant to take over the most difficult of terrains. The loose sands of a beach provide very little traction, and only proper SUVs with four-wheel drive can gain a grip on such loose surfaces.

While the high-end variants of the Jeep Compass come equipped with a four-wheel-drive system, it is not clear whether the variant of the SUV seen in the video had one. However, even after your vehicle gets a four-wheel-drive system, it is very essential to use it optimally.

Always use tow rope dampers

The video shows a person casually pushing the Pajero and staying close to the towing rope. However, there is no dampening on the rope. If the rope snaps during the towing or winching, it can whiplash and cause major injuries to anyone in proximity. That is why dampening is always used by experts and professionals while rescuing a vehicle or towing a car.

If you do not have dampening material available, any object with decent weight like a wet sack, a winter jacket or even shoes hanging by strings can become good options. These dampening materials can absorb most of the whiplash impact and make the towing rope less harmful.

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