Jeep Compass SUV: 5 GREAT modification ideas for the Creta-XUV500 rival

Jeep Compass is fast gaining popularity in India. It has already outsold competitors in the segment and is finding its way to many more garages in India. With so many copies of Jeep Compass on road, how to be highlighted from the rest? Here are a few quick options that you can choose to make your Compass look distinctive than the rest.


Body kits can quickly make a vehicle distinctive in the way it looks. Here is a Jeep Compass body kit that has been installed by Car Chic India. This is a bolt on kit, which means that there are no modifications done to the body. It features three main additions – a new bumper insert, a rear bumper insert and side steps.

The parts cost about Rs. 20,000 and upgrades the way the Compass looks like. The new bumper inserts have red highlights that make the Compass look premium. The new inserts also add a rugged look to the vehicle.

Make it more powerful

This is India’s most powerful Compass and it has been remapped by popular tuning house, Pete’s. The Jeep Compass diesel is powered by a 2.0-litre multijet diesel engine that produces a maximum power of 170 Bhp and 200 Nm of peak torque. The remapped version of the vehicle has an output of around 200 Bhp and 420 Nm which is around 18% increase from the original power.

The remapping procedure costs around Rs. 24,000. Remapping has a positive effect on the power output but it voids the warranty of the vehicle as it is a performance upgrade.

Kit Up!

Kit Up! has done minor yet powerful changes to the Compass to make it stand out in the crowd. The red-coloured Compass seen here gets body-coloured parts which are black in the stock model. Parts like body cladding, front lower bumper and rear lower bumper are black in the stock Compass. The owner has changed to the body colour, that adds a premium look to the vehicle. A portion of the stock alloy wheels has been painted too, adding to the overall looks. A simple paint job can make you Compass look quite distinctive as shown above.

Body wraps


Body wraps are the easiest way to protect the stock paint of your vehicle and change the way it looks. There are many different wraps available in India from textured to regular ones. This owner has wrapped the body of the Compass to a matte grey colour, which is not available in the stock version of the car. This was originally black colour. With body wraps, you do not even have to endorse the colour change o the registration certificate, making it much more flexible.


Also, only the top-end variant of the Jeep Compass, which is a Limited (O) is available with black roof option in India. The lower variants can get that quickly with a roof-wrap. It is quite affordable and a quick way to make your vehicle look good.


Jeep India launched the official MOPAR accessories in India with the launch of the vehicle. The official MOPAR accessories at all the Jeep dealerships in India. The official MOPAR accessories list include rock rails that protect the underbody of the vehicle, bigger 18-inch wheels, roof rack cross rails, rooftop cargo basket, body graphics, cargo tote, moulded cargo tray, door sill guards and all-weather floor mats. There are also side window air deflector, bright pedal kit and moulded front and rear splash guards. All the accessories may not available at all the Jeep dealerships in India right now but you can always ask the dealership to get a particular accessory for you.