Jeep & dealer reveal action taken against employees who beat up Compass customer

Weeks ago, a video showing a Jeep Compass customer getting beaten by dealership personnel at Landmark Jeep in Delhi went viral. This video caused quite a flutter with many questioning how dealership personnel could beat up a customer. In its defense, the Jeep dealer noted that the customer had used foul language against dealership staff, angering them and resulting in this situation. Back then, Jeep India had promised to investigate this matter. Here’s the latest statement, which also details the action that’s been taken against the erring dealership employees.

Jeep India says,

The unfortunate incident at our Delhi dealership has been thoroughly investigated with our Dealer Partner, Landmark Group and they have already taken disciplinary action against the offenders. We value our customers and are committed to treating every customer with utmost respect and courtesy, without exception. FCA’s ethos has not and will never subscribe to, encourage or tolerate such offensive treatment to customers. 

Landmark Jeep – the dealer involved in this incident – notes that the dealership personnel who assaulted the Compass owner have now been fired. Here’s the dealership’s latest statement on this matter,

We refer to our statement that we had put up on our web-site on the 30th day of November, 2017 with regards to the video that displayed unacceptable behavior by the Landmark staff inside the Showroom. We completed our investigation and have terminated the services of the individuals who were seen breaching the Code of Conduct with our esteemed Customer. Our customers are of paramount importance to us and we strongly condemn any act of such nature, whatever be the cause of provocation. Such behaviour is not acceptable to our organization. We stand for quality of customer service and it’s our endeavor to continue being committed to our customers in any situation. The unfortunate incident that took place due to members of our staff was unacceptable and against the policies and principles we stand for.

Via Rushlane