Jeep Meridian hits a Nilgai at high-speed: Keeps passengers safe [Video]

A high-speed accident of Jeep Meridian on the Purvanchal expressway reveals the safety of the Indian roads. A family of four were driving between Lucknow and Varanasi when the incident happened on the expressway. According to the details shared by the owner on a Facebook group, the Meridian hit the Nilgai or Bluebuck at about 90 km/h. All four passengers in the car were safe.

The accident happened at around 2 pm when the family was going towards Varanasi. A bluebuck entered the highway, which the Meridian could not avoid. The head-on collision caused the Meridian to lose control and hit the side railing. It was a high-speed accident but all four passengers including a child were safe.

The lady who was sitting in the middle row was not wearing a seat belt. She got multiple fractures in her hand. However, everyone else in the vehicle remained scratchless according to the information provided by the owner of the car. The child was using a child seat, which is a must and it further ensured that the child did not receive any injuries.

The Jeep Meridian was towed to a workshop. The engine was still working, which means that it is not a total loss. The owner also thanked the quality of the Jeep Meridian and how the build quality saved their lives in a high-speed accident.

Villagers stole barricades

Jeep Meridian hits a Nilgai at high-speed: Keeps passengers safe [Video]

According to the police, the locals and villagers stole the fencing and barricades that are put up to stop the animals from entering the expressway. The locals reportedly use these barricades and fencing for their own farmlands according to the police.

Stray animals and cattle are a major problem on many highways in India and there’s nothing much has been done to remove them from the roads. A few years ago, officials in Uttar Pradesh had put high reflective tapes on the horns of stray cattle to make them more visible at night. However, no step has been taken to remove these hazards from the road as of now.

It is always safe to drive defensively on Indian roads and be assured of the road ahead before overtaking. One should always be sure and know about the road ahead when overtaking. Many recorded incidents in the past have shown that blindly overtaking can cause massive accidents, especially on Indian roads that are very unpredictable.

Jeep Meridian is based on the Compass

The Jeep Meridian is based on the Compass SUV. While India-spec variants of both vehicles have not been tested by Global NCAP, the international iterations of Compass have been tested. The Compass has scored a perfect five-star rating on the NCAP test. The Meridian, which shares the same chassis and platform as the Compass is likely to get similar ratings.

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