Jeep rescuing Tata Safari Storme is an example of how NOT to recover a stuck vehicle [Video]

Off-roading is an adventure activity that lets people explore the off-road capabilities of their 4×4 SUVs. We have mentioned it several times that if not done properly, accidents can happen during off-roading. This is why, it is always recommended to take advice from experts to such events. Vehicle getting stuck at an obstacle is part of off-roading there are often back up vehicles which help in the recovery of such vehicles. Here we have a video that shows, how not to recover a stuck vehicle.

The video has been uploaded by Tudor Adventures&Kitchen on their YouTube channel. In this video, a Jeep is seen rescuing a Tata Safari Storme which is stuck in a river. It looks like the Tata Safari driver was alone while exploring the river bed and it looks like the driver was unaware of the terrain and simply drove the SUV into the river. It was deeper than what it looks from the outside. There is sand and peddles on the bottom of the river which is making things even more difficult.

The CJ6 Jeep then comes to the rescue. It has a proper winch installed at the front and it looks like a vehicle prepared for off-road expeditions. Tata Safari Storme is a heavy SUV and pulling such an SUV from a river requires lot of effort. The flow of the water was quite high and the front bumper of the Safari Storme has already damaged. The CJ6 driver connects the metal rope to the rear of the Safari and starts winching it out. It looks like the SUV was beached and it was not moving at all. The Jeep driver had to them put some pressure on rope to pull the SUV out. He tried to winch the SUV out but, that was not working. so he tried to pull the SUV out and that is when the Safari started moving.

Jeep rescuing Tata Safari Storme is an example of how NOT to recover a stuck vehicle [Video]

After couple of trials, the Safari was almost out of the water. In the video we can see sparks coming out from the front axle of the Jeep. It looks like the front axle of the Jeep got damaged while trying to rescue the Safari. There are multiple things that are wrong in this recovery video. First thing, the Jeep driver was using metal wire on his winch to pull the Safari out. However, he was not using a blanket on the tow strap. We already mentioned that Safari is an extremely heavy SUV and the chances of the metal rope snapping while trying to pull the SUV out were very high.

If something like that happens, the wire could easily damage the windshield of the Jeep. It could also injure or even kill the person in the jeep or the person standing next to the jeep. If they had kept a blanket on the rope, the rope won’t fly and come all the way towards the jeep. Another thing that we noticed in the video is the way a person was trying to push the Safari Storme while standing in the river. That is also very dangerous. He is trying to lift the SUV and push it from the front. The SUV rolls to the front, he could get caught under the SUV and injure himself.

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