Jeep sub-4 meter compact SUV (Maruti Vitara Brezza rival) months away from confirmation

Jeep is expected to reveal its plans for a sub-4 meter compact SUV in the coming months. Basically, this revelation is expected to be a part of the FCA’s 5-year plan that will be announced in June 2018.  The sub-4 meter Jeep will borrow the ‘Small Wide platform’ from the Fiat 500X. The new model is likely to launch in India to rival the likes of Maruti Vitara Brezza. For now, though, FCA India is holding cards close to its chest. Mike Manley, the global head of Jeep, has confirmed a new SUV for the Indian market, which will sit well under the Compass in terms of price and positioning.

Jeep sub-4 meter compact SUV (Maruti Vitara Brezza rival) months away from confirmation

The new sub-4 meter offering from Jeep will be its lowest priced model globally. It’s likely to sell in both left-hand drive and right-hand drive markets around the world. The low-cost underpinnings mean that India could be a possible manufacturing hub. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has already leveraged India’s low cost-high quality manufacturing prowess for the Compass SUV, which is exported from India to right-hand drive markets around the globe. There’s no reason why a similar strategy won’t work in case of the new sub-4 meter ‘baby’ Jeep.

If greenlit for the Indian market, expect the new Jeep to predominantly rely on turbocharged petrol engine options. Diesel engines are unlikely for most markets as FCA is shying away from diesel power due to tightening emission norms globally. A hybrid or electric approach is more apt for upcoming products, and the baby Jeep could be one such product. Turbocharged petrol engines are likely to continue for some more time to come as they offer a combination of a high torque, lowered emissions,  and a high fuel efficiency.

The new Jeep baby SUV will be a monocoque offering with a front-wheel-drive layout for most of the variants. An all-wheel-drive layout could be offered on top-end models, in line with Jeep’s philosophy of offering an off-road ready package on specific variants. High ground clearance, a high seating position and butch looks are other factors that the ‘baby’ Jeep is likely to pack in. It’s time now to wait for official confirmation and details from FCA. June is just a couple of months away.

News Source: Motor1