Jeep’s new sub Rs 10 lakh compact SUV coming our way

Jeep has finally entered the Indian market creating quite a stir with the pricing they came up with. Currently, the cheapest Jeep will set you back by over Rs 70 lakhs which is pretty expensive. That will soon change though.

Come next year, Jeep will introduce its first made in India product, the Compass which is expected to be more reasonably priced, around the Rs 20 lakh mark. The vehicle will feature the latest technologies from the brand like the touch screen system with Android Auto and Apple Car play, a monocoque chassis, AWD and independent suspension. The company also announced that this vehicle will be built in India and imported to other RHD markets around the world, which is a big thing. Now what comes as even more interesting news is that they are also working on a sub Rs 10 lakh SUV for the Indian market to compete with the Ecosport and the Vitara Brezza.

Jeep’s new sub Rs 10 lakh compact SUV coming our way

In an interview, Mike Manley, the head of Jeep brand said that India is one of the most critical markets for the company since they are looking to push into emerging markets, like Brazil and China. The SUV in question is still in drawing stages and will be the smallest SUV in the company’s line up. Like the Compass, this one too could be built in India to be exported to other RHD markets. More details on the car are not yet known but this will certainly be an interesting proposition, given the fan following that the Jeep brand commands.

In addition to that, he mentioned that they are open to discussions with Tata Motors for future product development and vehicle platform strategies. With Tata owning Land Rover, it would be very interesting to see if the two companies can come up with new products that can cater to both the Indian market and the global one.

This is good news for all us enthusiasts who are looking for a cheap rugged SUV from the coveted Jeep stable.