Jeep’s sub 4-metre compact SUV to be launched as an electric vehicle

Jeep is revamping its line-up for India. They launched the Compass facelift and assembled in India Wrangler. They will also be introducing the CKD or Completely Knocked Down unit for the Grand Cherokee. Another vehicle that the manufacturer will be launching in India will be a new compact SUV. This will be the most affordable vehicle in the Jeep’s line-up. Jeep has also announced that they will have an electric variant of all of their vehicles by 2025. Here, is a render of the upcoming electric SUV from Jeep that has been imagined as an electric vehicle.

Jeep’s sub 4-metre compact SUV to be launched as an electric vehicle

The new compact SUV resembles a lot to the Renegade which is currently Jeep’s smallest SUV. Jeep was testing the Renegade in India but they cannot launch the SUV in our country because Renegade measures more than 4-metres in length. Due to this, they won’t be able to take the tax advantages that the government offers. This is the reason that they are developing a new compact SUV.

In the render, we can see that the styling has been derived from the Renegade. However, the length of the vehicle is less than the Renegade. This has been done so that the SUV falls under 4-metres. Up-front we get Jeep’s 7-slat grille which comes in every Jeep SUV. There are circular headlamps with circular surrounds for the LED Daytime Running Lamps. There is a small bumper with a skid plate. This should provide a good approach angle to the SUV.

Jeep’s sub 4-metre compact SUV to be launched as an electric vehicle

At the side, profile there are plastic cladding over the wheel arches and side skirts that look just like the faux skid plate. There are no alloys on offer. Instead, you get chrome hub caps just like we see on vintage vehicles. The overall design of the SUV still stays very boxy which is a good thing because it helps in distinguishing a Jeep easily. It is important to note that this is just a render and the final car would look different.

Jeep’s compact SUV

The new compact SUV will be using Stellantis’s CMP or Common Modular Platform. This platform is already being used by Peugeot, Vauxhall, Citroen etc. Jeep would not have to go to the drawing board for making a new platform, this will help the manufacturer in saving some money. Jeep’s compact SUV is expected to go on sale next year.

The engine that the manufacturer will use is expected to have a displacement of 1.2-litres. It will be a turbocharged unit. It should put out power in excess of 100 bhp with a torque output that is more than 150 Nm. It will be offered with a manual as well as an automatic gearbox.

Jeep will also offer a 4×4 drivetrain with the compact SUV which will be a first in the segment. However, the CMP platform does not support a 4×4 drivetrain. So, Jeep would be using an electrical system for the rear axle while the front axle will be driven by the internal combustion engine. It will be like the 4Xe system that Jeep offers with the Wrangler.