Jhansi ki Rani actress Ulka Gupta gifts herself a Tata Nexon EV on her birthday [Video]

The young Indian television and movie actress, Ulka Gupta, best known for her role as young Jhansi Ki Rani on the television series “Jhansi Ki Rani”, recently bought a new Nexon EV Prime. The actress opted for the Signature Teal Blue shade for her new vehicle and took delivery of it in Mumbai, accompanied by some friends.

The video of the young actress taking delivery of her new SUV was shared on YouTube by Cars For You on their channel. In the video, we see the actress arriving at the dealership where her friends were already present. She enters the showroom and after a while, pulls the cover off of her new Nexon EV Prime. She cuts a cake that had a picture of the Nexon EV and birthday wishes on it, and then performs Hindu rituals by breaking a coconut in front of the car for blessings.

The video shows the actress taking the driver’s seat of her new SUV along with a Tata Motors employee who guides her about various features of the car. The video ends with exterior shots of her newly acquired SUV.

As mentioned, the actress chose the Nexon EV Prime variant, which was launched by the company as an upgraded version of the standard Nexon EV, with added features and improvements. The Nexon EV Prime has several new features that were only available with the Nexon EV Max until now, including a multi-mode regeneration function with automatic brake lamp activation. The brake lamps switch on when the regeneration setting is at the highest level.

The Nexon EV Prime includes four levels of regenerative braking from Tata. Regeneration allows users to get more mileage out of their vehicles. While braking and decelerating, regeneration assists in charging the batteries. Tata has also included new functions, such as a cruise control system and an indirect tire pressure monitoring system, through the smartphone app and smartwatch integration capabilities.

Jhansi ki Rani actress Ulka Gupta gifts herself a Tata Nexon EV on her birthday [Video]

One of the most significant upgrades in the Nexon EV Prime is the increased range. The vehicle now has a range of up to 418 km on a single charge, which is significantly higher than the standard Nexon EV’s range of 312 km. The battery pack remains the same at 30.2 kWh, but the improved range is due to software and technology upgrades. Another significant addition to the Nexon EV Prime is the sunroof, which was not available in the standard Nexon EV. The vehicle also comes equipped with an air purifier and a wireless mobile charger.

In terms of performance, the Nexon EV Prime is similar to the standard Nexon EV, with a peak power output of 129 PS and a peak torque of 245 Nm. The vehicle can accelerate from 0-100 kmph in 9.9 seconds and has a top speed of 120 kmph.

Back in May of last year the company launched the longer range version of the model the Nexon EV Max at Rs 17.74 Lakh. The Nexon EV Max is also powered by Tata’s Ziptron technology and boasts a 40.5 kWh Lithium-ion battery pack. The battery capacity is 33 percent more than the regular Nexon EV. Bigger battery pack results in longer range. Tata Nexon EV Max has an ARAI certified range of 437 km (regular version offers 312 kms claimed range).

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