Jimny, Grand Vitara, Fronx, Invicto: How these 4 ‘SUVs’ boosted Maruti

Looking at the Indian automobile landscape, there is no denying that cars with higher ground clearance have taken over the roads. Maruti Suzuki, the leading carmaker, has launched an onslaught to capture this segment by introducing four new “SUVs,” and the brand is firing on all cylinders to achieve a larger market share. In fact, the carmaker has surpassed Mahindra and Mahindra to become the biggest “SUV” manufacturer in India.

Jimny, Grand Vitara, Fronx, Invicto: How these 4 ‘SUVs’ boosted Maruti

Maruti Grand Vitara: First strike!

While the Maruti Brezza is already performing very well in the market with an average monthly sales figure of about 15,000 units, the brand introduced three of the new SUVs this year. However, it was last year during the festive season when the brand initiated the onslaught by introducing the new Grand Vitara. This model became the brand’s first strong hybrid car and the first and only one to offer AWD. The Grand Vitara marked Maruti Suzuki’s entry into the mid-size SUV segment, competing against vehicles like the Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, MG Astor, Skoda Kushaq, VW Taigun, and others.

The Grand Vitara received a warm welcome with over 55,000 initial bookings, leading to waiting periods extending to more than 5 months for certain variants. The monthly sales figure of the Grand Vitara has now stabilized around 9,500 units.

Jimny, Grand Vitara, Fronx, Invicto: How these 4 ‘SUVs’ boosted Maruti

Maruti Fronx: Hit the target, again

Earlier this year, Maruti Suzuki introduced the Fronx to the market, based on the Baleno platform and sharing many parts with the hatchback. Contrary to expectations that the launch of the Fronx might negatively impact Baleno’s sales, the latter’s performance remains steady. The Fronx has brought around 9,000 additional customers on average to Nexa showrooms.

Remarkably, the Fronx’s introduction has not cannibalized Baleno’s sales; instead, it has attracted customers from other car makers. The distinct crossover-inspired design of the Fronx ensures its distinct presence on the roads.

Jimny: Another hit

Jimny, Grand Vitara, Fronx, Invicto: How these 4 ‘SUVs’ boosted Maruti

The much-awaited Maruti Suzuki Jimny finally reached the Indian market earlier this year in a family-friendly five-door version, gaining immense popularity. The vehicle experiences a long waiting period and its monthly sales have now settled around 3,000 to 4,000 units. While it may not become a blockbuster hit for the brand, the Jimny already has a cult-following and it will only increase with time.

Maruti Invicto: Not an ‘SUV’ but…

Jimny, Grand Vitara, Fronx, Invicto: How these 4 ‘SUVs’ boosted Maruti

The latest offering from Maruti Suzuki is the Invicto, which has become the brand’s most expensive model. Although categorized as an MPV, Maruti Suzuki has imbued it with an aggressive appearance, hence adding the SUV tag to the vehicle. The new Invicto is a no-nonsense car designed for long-distance drives, and its hybrid-automatic configuration is contributing to its increasing popularity in the market. Due to a fixed number of units supplied by Toyota, there is already a significant waiting period for the vehicle.

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