John Abraham & His Cars & Bikes

John Abraham likes his wheels fast. From liter class superbikes to 5 liter supercars, the Bollywood actor has does have an interesting garage that’s a mix of the exotic and the everyday classes. For a man who once owned a Yamaha RD350 and a Royal Enfield Machismo 350, the fast and the slow intermingle. So, you have a Gypsy at one end and the Gallardo at the other, no qualms at all. Welcome to John Abraham’s eclectic car and bike garage.

John Abraham with his Yamaha RD350

Lamborghini Gallardo

John Abraham with his Lamborghini Gallardo


The Lamborghini Gallardo is the fastest set of four wheels John Abraham has in his garage. The Gallardo that the actor owns comes in a understated grey wrap, which is much at odds with the yellows, electric greens and oranges that Gallardos are usually spotted in. John Abraham is known to jump into his Gallardo and enjoy a good drive around town. The Gallardo, one of Lamborghini’s best selling supercars ever, has been replaced by the Huracan. When it was still made the car featured a 5.2 liter V10 naturally aspirated petrol motor good for 552 Bhp and 540 Nm. This engine catapults the Gallardo to a top speed of over 300 Kph.

Yamaha R1

John Abraham with his Yamaha R1

John Abraham’s first ever bike was a Yamaha RD350, which the actor bought for 17,000 rupees. His next big Yamaha of course, was priced over 10 lakh rupees, and was gifted to him by Yamaha Motor India. John Abraham is the brand ambassador of Yamaha in India, and this explains the gift connection. The actor, who previously owned the Suzuki Hayabusa, had to sell of that speed machine due to contractual obligations. It’s another matter that he replaced the Hayabusa with an equally mad machine. We’ll get to that in just a bit. The R1 meanwhile, uses a 1 liter, inline four petrol motor good for 197 Bhp and 112 Nm. With all that power at the rider’s wrist, this motorcycle is a tracer bullet on two wheels. A 3 second 0-100 Kph run and a top speed of over 300 Kph defines this track tool.

Audi Q3

John Abraham with his Audi Q3


The Audi Q3 is the actor’s latest acquisition and meant to be daily beater about town. The smallest of the luxury crossovers that Audi purveys in India, the Q3 crossover is sold with turbo petrol and turbo diesel engine options. A prolific car user, John Abraham owns the turbo diesel powered version with all the bells and tinkles, which means the twin clutch automatic transmission and the Quattro all wheel drive system. The Q3 is also sold in a no frills Sport version that uses a lower state of tune for the 2 liter TDI turbo diesel engine.

Rajputana Customs’ Royal Enfield Board Tracker

John Abraham with his custom Royal Enfield

John Abraham got Rajputana Customs, one of the country’s foremost motorcycle customizers, to build him a Board Track racer based on a Royal Enfiekf UCE500 platform. The motorcycle, replete with a girder frame and springs sourced from a BSA bike of yore, simply stands out from the scores of Royal Enfield customs. Minimalist, and very tastefully done up, the Board Tracker Royal Enfield that John Abraham owns is a one-of-its-kind machine in India.

Audi Q7

John Abraham with his Audi Q7

The Q7 is the most luxurious among the Q line up of luxury crossovers that Audi sells in India. It is also the elder sibling of the Q3. John Abraham owns the Audi Q7 as his other daily beater machine. Very popular among the movie making fraternity and also among the well heeled luxury SUV buying populace of the country, the Q7 is a best seller in its segment. The 7 seat luxury SUV owned by the actor is the 4.2 liter V8 turbo diesel engined variant with the Quattro all wheel drive system as standard fare.

Yamaha V-Max

John Abraham with his Yamaha V-Max

Earlier in this story, we referred to John Abraham having to sell off his Suzuki Hayabusa due to contractual obligations. So, what did Yamaha replace that bike with. Well, with the big daddy of muscle bikes, the Yamaha V-Max. No longer sold in India, the Yamaha V-Max, when it was still available, was the priciest superbike that the Japanese motorcycle maker sold here. It wasn’t the price that really earned the V-Max its reputation as a fearsome machine. The muscle bike’s 1.7 liter V4 petrol motor with 174 Bhp and 153 Nm meant that the V-Max has enough shove and twist to wrench arms off their sockets.

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy

John Abraham with his Maruti Suzuki Gypsy

The Maruti Suzuki Gypsy is one of India’s oldest cars in serial production, what with the first iteration making its debut 30 years ago. The off roader’s butch lines remain as timeless as ever and the Gypsy is one SUV that is an automotive icon of the country. Still preferred by the military and para-military forces of India for its bullet proof reliability and mountain goat-like agility off the road, the Gypsy continues to enjoy a steady fan following among off road enthusiasts. For those who aren’t into off roading, the Gypsy doubles up as a flashy set of wheels for pub crawls. John Abraham has one.