John Abraham is a true car & bike enthusiast: 10 things that prove this!

John Abraham is a total car and bike nut. His love for automobiles is widely known. The actor has been in the limelight for his great car and bike collection. In case you still have some doubts, here are 10 things that show John Abraham is a true car & bike enthusiast.

He still has a Maruti Gypsy

All Bollywood actors love to own only the most premium cars and SUVs, right? Wrong, not all of them! In spite of all the success, John continues to drive his Gypsy regularly. The Maruti Gypsy is surely getting a bit long in the tooth now but there’s really no parallel to its macho appeal. No wonder John owns one and loves it to bits.

He owned the Yamaha V-max, a truly mad bike

Yamaha Motor India gifted the V-Max to John Abraham. The V-Max is one of the maddest bikes of its kind. It gets its juice from a 1.7-litre V4 petrol motor that outputs 174 bhp and 153 Nm. For many years, no non-faired bike could come anywhere close to the V-Max in a straight line. With too much power, no wind protection, and a muscular bodywork, the V-Max has been one of the maddest bikes of its times.

He bought himself a custom RE from Rajputana Customs

What’s a bike collection without a custom motorcycle? Hence John Abraham thought it only apt to get himself a custom-built Royal Enfield from one of the most skilled customization houses of the country. John’s RE is actually a Board Track racer made by Rajputana Customs. The motorcycle’s girder frame and springs come from a BSA motorcycle while the bespoke bodywork makes it a show-stopper.

He has a supercar

All those who think that John’s passion for automobiles is restricted to his Gypsy and a collection of motorcycles should check out his garage. The actor owns a stunning Lamborghini Gallardo, one of the most famous supercars of recent times. Powering his Gallardo is a 5.2-litre, V10, naturally aspirated petrol engine that offers 552 raging bulls. The car has a top speed of 300 kmph.

Well not just one supercar but another one

Still not convinced? Okay, John owns another supercar. And this one’s one of the most respected, even the most feared supercars of all times. We’re talking about the R35 Nissan GT-R, which is powered by a twin-turbo 3.8-litre V6 engine that outputs a maximum power of 562 bhp and a peak torque of 637 Nm. What makes his car even more special is that it’s the Black Edition. You still don’t think he isn’t a car nut, do you?

He owns one of the fiercest superbikes built

The actor also owns one of the craziest litre-class superbikes ever built, the Aprilia RSV4. This motorcycle was gifted to the actor by Piaggio India. The Aprilia RSV4 is powered by a 999.6cc, V4 engine which uses titanium valves. The high compression motor outputs 184 hp of maximum power. Factor in a kerb weight of just 184 kgs, and you have one totally bonkers motorcycle.

He starred in India’s first ‘bike’ movie

The first instalment of Dhoom was India’s first-ever bike movie. The entire movie revolved around a set of superbikes. And guess what, John Abraham was in the leading role. It’s this movie that made the Suzuki Hayabusa really famous, which is mostly because John was seen riding the famous hyper superbike in this movie.

Still has his first bike

John’s keen interest in exciting machines existed even before he shot to stardom. The actor’s first motorcycle was a Yamaha RD350, which is a legend like none other. The actor purchased his RD350 for Rs 17,000. It’s still an important part of his bike collection.

Prefers riding to most places

John is someone who prefers to ride to most places instead of being driven around in the backseat of a car. Seen above is a video that shows the actor riding to the BMC elections polling booth in Mumbai.

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