Actor John Abraham reveals how he bought his first car – a Tata Sierra [Video]

John Abraham is one of the popular actors from Bollywood. He is known for his love for motorcycles and is an avid biker. The actor is said to have around 18 bikes in his garage. We often relate John Abraham with motorcycles because that is what he loves the most. However, other than bikes, the actor also has a decent number of cars and SUVs in his garage. Some of them have been featured on our website too. John’s first car however was a Tata Sierra and in one of his recent interviews, the actor explained or revealed how he bought his first car.

The video was shared by mashable.india on their Instagram page. The video shared on Instagram is actually a small portion of the interview where he actually speaks about buying his first car. Tata Sierra which he bought was actually a used car. John had started doing modelling and started getting paid. That is when he decided to buy a car for himself. Tata Sierra was actually an SUV which was probably way ahead of its time. It was launched in 1991 and was discontinued in 2003. You hardly find this SUV on road these days.

Coming back to the story, John Abraham knew a person who owned a Tata Sierra. It was an elderly gentleman who was a distant relative of John Abraham. When John Asked approached him to buy the Sierra, he was actually willing to sell it to him. The elderly gentleman was actually a car lover and had kept the car in good condition. The man who sold the car to John even put a condition. He said if John ever wishes to sell the car, he should come back to him and must not sell it to anyone else. The exact reason behind it is not known but, we like to think that he actually liked the car very much. He also told John Abraham that he would buy it back for a price that he feels is right.

Actor John Abraham reveals how he bought his first car – a Tata Sierra [Video]
John Abraham’s first car

Tata Sierra was probably one of the first compact SUVs sold in Indian market. It was also the first vehicle to come with a diesel engine. It was based on the Tata Telcoline and got the same front fascia and even the same engine. The design of the SUV is what attracted many customers. The SUV came with a three-door design with a large window for the rear passengers. The 3 door design was a positive and negative thing about Sierra. Not many people in India were ready for a 3-door SUV and that is probably the reason why it did not perform well.

Almost two decades after discontinuing the Sierra from the market, Tata showcased a Sierra Concept at the Auto Expo in 2020. It attracted a lot viewers and showed how much people loved the SUV. A production-ready version of the Sierra was showcased at the Auto Expo this year. Tata has confirmed that the SUV will be returning to the market in an EV avatar. The production version of the SUV is expected to be launched in 2025.