Jr. NTR and his son stopped by cops for having tinted windows

According to media reports, Jr. NTR and his son were stopped by traffic cops in Hyderabad for having tinted windows. The police also removed the tint film from the car and then the famous actor was let go. The car was being driven by the driver and not by the Jr. NTR or his son.

Jr. NTR and his son stopped by cops for having tinted windows

Hyderabad police are currently organizing a special drive against vehicles that are using tinted films. The cops are stopping such vehicles and removing the tint or fining them. The drive is also working against irregular number plates. Other things that might attract the attention of the cops are stickers of Press, Government, MLA and police.

Cops do not allow window tints because it makes it difficult for them and CCTV cameras inside the vehicle. So, they are not able to identify the driver in case of a hit and run case, theft etc.

Jr. NTR and his son stopped by cops for having tinted windows

However, in Indian climatic conditions, sun film can be a boon because we face scorching heat during the summertime. When the car is parked outside under the sun, the interior gets extremely hot. A film can intervene between sun rays and the glass so it helps in keeping the temperature of the cabin relatively normal.

Nowadays, some cars like Maruti Suzuki Baleno and Toyota Glanza comes with UV Cut glass from the factory. These glasses are offered only the top-end variants. They have a dark green shade that is made to cater to the needs of the Indian market. Such glasses are also approved by RTO because they do not hamper the visibility and also helps in reducing the effect of sunlight so the cabin does not heat as much. Such glasses also have an indirect effect on fuel efficiency. Because the cabin is not as hot, the person would not have to use the air conditioner would not have to work rigorously to maintain the temperature.

Tampering with registration plates is not allowed

It is a major offence to tamper with the registration plate of a vehicle. A registration plate is linked to not only a particular vehicle but also to its chassis number and engine number. The registration number is issued by the RTO or the Regional Transport Office. It helps police in tracking the vehicle in case of a theft or a crime.

Now, many states have mandated the use of HSRP plates which are new kinds of plates that are tamper-proof. It stands for High-Security Registration Plate. Unlike the regular number plates which are simply bolted on, the HSRP plates come with a non-removable snap-on lock so they cannot be reused or replaced.  Then there is a chromium-based stamp and a  unique laser code on every HSRP number plate. Also, not every mechanic is authorized to install an HSRP number plate. The dealers and shops that are authorized to install an HSRP number plate are listed on the internet.