Super rare footage of JRD Tata’s Mercedes Benz 190D [Video]

Among the various freedom fighters, nation builders, businessmen and policymakers we have had in India, the name of JRD Tata is one of the most prominent names when it comes to visionary industrialists. Founder of the Tata empire, he was among the key people responsible for realising India’s aviation dreams. Also, he was India’s first licensed pilot. The answer to the why we are talking about him today lies in the video below, which features a Mercedes-Benz car owned by JRD Tata himself at a point of time. Take a look at the video below by Namaste Car to take a better look at the car.

The car featured here is a 1961 model Mercedes-Benz 190D, or what has evolved as the E-class in the modern world. The current owner of the car, who goes by the name of Ashok Chandak, has maintained the car in its pristine condition. He got hold of the car in 2008 when some senior Tata officials offered him the vehicle considering the fact that Ashok is an avid classic car enthusiast and will keep the vehicle in good health. This white beauty still has got enough panache to steal the show at gunpoint wherever it goes.

Jrd Tata Mercedes Featured

The car was imported specially for JRD Tata in 1961 all the way from Germany to India. However, it was kept for about six months until January next year when the car was finally registered with the Pune RTO on 1st January 1962, Under the name of Telco. This was a personal demand of JRD Tata and hence was followed as asked. The car is still in its stock condition and all the spares are brought down directly from Germany whenever the need arises.

E Class Vintage Side

The whole design of the car screams the 1960s loudly and looks pretty classy. However, it is among those vintage cars that you like not because of their old age and ruggedness but due to their evergreen design. The 190D you see here was among the most luxurious vehicles of its time and came with several unique features. This includes height adjustable seats and bi-focal rear view mirror among others.

E Class Vintage Rear

The car comes with two spare wheels and according to the owner, the car can still do speeds up to 120 km/h without much issue. The interiors of the cars are again maintained in stock condition, apart from new leather seat upholstery and AC system. The AC seen on this car was fitted by Telco after the original unit faltered. As for the engine, it is powered by an inline-four cylinder 1.8-liter M136 engine.

Mercedes Benz E Classs Vintage

JRD Tata was an exceptional man and after seeing this car, we can say that he also had a good taste in cars. The Mercedes Benz 190D was a pretty famous car during those times and even came with a convertible version. Also, a hat tip to the current owner of this car for putting in the efforts to maintain this beauty.

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