JRD Tata’s Mercedes Benz 190D sedan in a rare video

JRD Tata was one of the first successful Indian businessmen of India. He was one of the most prominent visionary industrialists of India. Not only he was the founder of Tata’s empire but also the first licensed pilot of India. Today, we take a look at a Mercedes-Benz 190D which was once owned by JRD Tata himself. The video has been uploaded by NamasteCar on their YouTube channel.

The vehicle is owned by Mr Ashok Chandak now and he bought the Mercedes-Benz in 2008. The 190D is the vehicle that was later called the E-Class. The model that we see in the video is a 1961 model and it is the same year in which is imported from Germany by JRD Tata. The vehicle has been kept in very good condition and it is white in colour. The 190D was registered to the name of TELCO

Ashok was offered this car by one of the managers at Tata Motors. The manager wanted to give the vehicle to someone who can maintain this car. The current owner has not modified anything on the 190D. All the parts of the vehicle are still original which is quite commendable. No body panels have been changed even after all these years. However, Ashok recently re-did the shock absorbers which are imported from Germany. He also says that it is quite easy to import such parts. Although, he does not share the procedure to get it done.

The vlogger says that the 190D is quite long. In fact, it is 4,730 mm long, 1795 mm wide and 1,495 mm tall. He also points out that the sedan feels solidly built. It comes with two spare wheels which we do not see usually. The owner says that this was done because there were not many mechanics back in the day. The owner has hit a top speed of 120 kmph which is quite impressive for a 1961 vehicle. He only drives the vehicle around the city for 15 km because it grabs the attention of many people and then they want to have a picture of the vehicle.

For such an old vehicle, it offered features like bi-focal outside rearview mirrors and adjustable seats. which were considered futuristic at that point in time. The fuel lid of the sedan is placed on the boot behind the number plate holder. This helps in keeping the design of the 190D proportional from both sides.

The interior of the 190D is also stock. Although, it seems like he has redone the leather upholstery. The 190D featured manual control for all the windows because there were no power windows at that time. The radio of the vehicle is missing in the video because it was not working at that time and the owner was trying to get it replaced. The air conditioning unit of the vehicle has been replaced but that was done by TELCO themselves.

Then the owner shows the engine compartment of the 190D. The engine is also in stock condition and is a diesel unit that is mated to a 4-speed gearbox.  What is remarkable is that the vehicle still runs and the owner takes the vlogger for a drive. It is quite commendable of the owner that he has still kept that vehicle in such a good shape.