JS Design’s custom Maruti 800 convertible updated, features a wide-body kit

The custom cars scene in India isn’t quite there yet, but every now and again, there surface remarkable examples that symbolise the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. New Delhi based JS Design’s custom Maruti Suzuki 800 convertible is one such product. And it has just received an update.

JS Design Maruti 800 Convertible Delhi

JS Design can make your Maruti 800 look like this one, provided you have a extra Rs 3.5 lakh to spend, and an inclination to go the topless route. But what does the new version bring to the table, you may ask. Well, to start with, the colour (earlier red) has been changed to yellow. Flared wheel arches and side skirts have been added, allow wheels get a black treatment, the door handles aren’t body coloured anymore (which goes well with the black wheels, foldable top, and faux air intakes), and the oddball luggage rack on the boot has been booted. Same goes for the dual exhaust tips.


The overall design hasn’t changed, which isn’t a bad thing. Because this custom convertible, designed by Jagjit Singh of JS Designs, wasn’t a bad looking car. The Fiat Palio sourced headlamps (now with an LED strip inside them) and the Chevrolet Spark sourced tailamps somehow go well with the design. Touches like the backward opening bonnet bring uniqueness to this custom car.


On the inside, the yellow theme creeps in with similar accents on the seats, gearlever, and the steerig wheel. The dashboard layout is pretty basic, with AC vents that are likely to have been borrowed from the Nissan Terrano, and a considerably large infotainment system sitting just below them. The car, which has lost its rear doors, is strictly a two seater. And the cloth/canvas top can be folded on top of the boot, which means there’s no compromise made in terms of luggage space, which could have improved (in comparison to the stock Maruti 800) considering the rear bench is gone now. The steering wheel says MOMO on it, but looks a bit too tacky, and so is the gear lever. The headlamp and wiper stalks appear to be the original units from Maruti 800, which is a great reminder of the vehicle’s humble origin.


Pricing for the modification is unchanged, and from what we gather by JS Design’s Facebook post, it’s clear that the earlier red version can be ordered as well. Time taken for the modification is approximately 3 months, and a Maruti 800 from the year 2006, 2007, or 2008 can work as the donor car for the project.

What do we think?
This little bargain of a San Storm looks neat in pictures, and is quite exclusive as well. The lack of rollover protection is a bit worrying, and it’s unknown whether the chassis has been stiffened or not. It’s mentioned that there has been an increase in performance, though.


You can know more about JS Design by visiting their Facebook page (which is where these pictures come from, too). Alternatively you can have a look at the other popular Maruti Suzuki 800 customs here.