Judge refuses to pay toll: Toll gate employee makes him pay up

India is quite high on the list of most corrupt countries and we see it around us every day. Most people use their influential posts in government jobs to get things for free or get work done quickly. Here is one such video that shows a judge trying to get a free pass at a toll. The toll plaza schooled him in video and you can watch the same below.

The video footage is from the CCTV cameras mounted at the toll plaza and the audio is recorded on the mobile phone. The video shows a Maruti Suzuki Ertiga entering a lane in the toll plaza. This toll plaza is located between Bareilly and Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh. The video shows that as soon as the car comes to a stop, the driver hands over an identity card to the booth operator. The operator said that they are not eligible for an exemption in paying the toll. He then waved and asked the supervisor to come to the spot.

After inspecting the ID card, the supervisor also told the driver that he is not exempted from paying the toll tax. A person sitting in the rear calls the supervisor and the ID card belonged to him. They both talked for a few minutes but the supervisor did not allow him to go through for free. The supervisor then called his manager who reached the spot in a couple of minutes.

After the toll plaza manager reaches the spot, the person sitting in the rear tells him that he is ADJ and he should be allowed to go through for free. However, the manager did not allow that.

District Judges have to pay

Judge refuses to pay toll: Toll gate employee makes him pay up

The judge explains that he is ADJ or Additional District Judge. The toll manager asked him if he knows the law and if he has read about the people who are exempted from paying the toll. The judge then argued saying that judges are exempted from paying tolls to which the manager replies that only high court and supreme court judges are exempted and the district court judges are not exempted from the same.

He also said that he has blocked the lane and there are many vehicles waiting behind him for a long time. However, the judge keeps on arguing saying that he has not held up the toll traffic. The judge also says that he came from Madhya Pradesh and no one took the toll tax from him on the way. He even asked to consider his case and let him go free. However, the manager stood his ground and told the judge that if the rules do not allow them to pass through for free, he will not allow the same. He asked for Rs 80, which the charge of the toll and after the payment was made, he was allowed to go from the spot.

This is a regular scenario at the toll booths across India. There are hold-ups due to the exemptions and many just refuse to pay the toll and get into meaningless fights instead. Every toll plaza in India has a list of people who are exempted from paying the toll. The position of these people is written on a massive board most of the times. Do read them before asking for an exemption.