Judge’s car with 50 liter tank filled with 57 litres of fuel: Petrol bunk sealed

There have been many incidents of petrol pump scamming motorists in India. While most of the times, the fuel bunks get away with the scamming, at other times, they are called out on videos. In fact, many incidents are recorded on video of fuel bunks scamming. Here is one incident where a petrol bunk filled 57 litres fuel in a tank capacity of 50 litres. The judge has sealed the fuel bunk.

Judge’s car with 50 liter tank filled with 57 litres of fuel: Petrol bunk sealed

The incident is from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesgh. The car that belongs to a judge of high court was at the fuel pump. The driver of the judge asked the fuel pump attendant to fill fuel in the tank of the car. The judge, who was on the rear seat saw the bill and was shocked to see that the fuel attendant has filled 57 litres of fuel.

The judge claims that the fuel tank of his car can only hold 50-litres of fuel. It is not possible to fill extra seven litres. The judge called the local administration and after an initial inquiry, the administration seated the fuel pump. The fuel pump will only open after the district controller sets up a panel for the inspection of all the fuel pumps in the region. The panel will check the dispensing equipment and will check the calibration of the equipment too. The 14 member panel will also keep an eye on the fuel pumps in the future.

While the judge was caught in the scam and called for the inspection. It is difficult for common people to call such scams. Such actions on fuel pumps can come only from people in power.

Minister sealed a fuel pump before

In another incident in 2021, a minister ordered to seal a fuel bunk in Surat, Gujarat. The scam was caught red-handed by the state minister for agriculture, energy and petrochemicals, Mr Mukesh Patel. The said petrol pump is situated in the Jehangirpura area in the city of Surat and is an outlet of private-owned company Nayara. Patel, who himself owns a petrol pump and is MLA from Olpad, had received a lot of complaints about the said petrol pump, which is located in his constituency.

To know the ground truth, Patel himself drove to the petrol pump as a common citizen to fill petrol in his private vehicle on Sunday. He found that the display of the fuel filling machine was not working. When asked about this, the staff told him to look at the display screen placed on the other side of the machine.

On sensing some suspiciousness, the minister called the district collector of Surat, Mr Aayush Oak, to send an inspection team to the petrol pump. On arriving at the pump, the teams of the district supply department and weights and measures department found that the nozzles used in the pump were wrongly calibrated.

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