Judwa actress Rambha & her kids crash in a Tesla Model X: Actress shares story on Instagram

Tesla cars are considered one of the safest electric vehicles. An accident of Indian actress Rambha, who acted in several Bollywood movies including Judwa with her kids in Tesla Model X shows why it is so safe. The actress, who is a resident of Canada has shared the details of the accident herself.


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Rambha shared the details on Instagram. She was travelling with her two kids and their nanny in the Tesla Model X. They were all coming back from school. Another vehicle T-boned the Tesla Model X at a junction causing a big impact. Everyone in the car came out safely only with a few minor injuries. Her younger daughter Sasha is currently in hospital. She has asked everyone to pray for the recovery of her daughter.

The actress shared images of her damaged Tesla Model X and wrote, “Me with kids and my nanny “All of us are safe with minor injuries 😔 my little sasha is still in the hospital 😞bad days bad time 😪😰please pray for us 🙏 your prayers means a lot 🙏”

Judwa actress Rambha & her kids crash in a Tesla Model X: Actress shares story on Instagram

The images shared by Rambha show the damaged door of a Tesla. However, the door still opened and let out the occupants of the vehicle. Also, we can see the curtain and side airbags of the Tesla Model X have worked perfectly to save the passengers from any kind of accident.

Judwa actress Rambha & her kids crash in a Tesla Model X: Actress shares story on Instagram

Such T-bone accidents can be gruesome in many cases. We are not sure what the impact has done to the other vehicle but it would have been interesting to see the condition of the other car, which hit the Tesla.

Telsa Model X 5 star rating

Tesla Model X sells in various developed markets around the world and it gets a perfect five-star rating from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Euro N-CAP. Both of these crash test agencies have the most difficult rating procedures, which are way higher than the benchmarks of agencies like Global N-CAP.

One of the viral clips of the Tesla Model X is the rollover test. In the clip, several attempts were made to roll over the Tesla Model X but it refused to roll over to its side. That is why it became the first SUV ever to receive a five-star safety rating from NHTSA.

SUVs have a high centre of gravity, which makes them susceptible to rollovers. NHTSA is the only agency in the world to test the rollover resistance of a car. During the test, the agencies tried to create an impact on the side of the Tesla Model X. However, multiple attempts failed to make the SUV roll over.

After a lot of hullabaloo earlier year about Tesla coming to India, the American brand has shifted its employees to other countries after unsuccessful lobbying attempts. The brand wanted the Indian government to lower the import taxes for electric cars. However, the government demanded that Tesla should set up an assembly line in India.