There comes a point in many a car owner’s life where he or she is faced with a dead battery on a cold winter morning. Modern cars don’t take too kindly to push starting. In this handy video we show you how you can jump start your car using a pair of jumper cables and a friendly neighbor’s car.

How to jump-start your car: Video


  1. nice sir good idea but at last u remove the cables and keep the cars ON and batteries keep charging.On which principle it works?

  2. Kiran, the battery charges from the car’s alternator that runs off the car’s engine, usually connected by the fan belt. Leaving the car on for a while helps charge the battery, unless there is a problem with the alternator or battery itself. Battery not charging or going dead could be due to a number or reasons: 1. Leaving your headlamps or some other accessory on 2. Low level of battery water 3. Faulty cell in the battery, therefore not holding charge 4. Fault with the alternator, not charging the battery 5. Broken fan belt (which will also lead to overheating and other problems) The first two are the most common causes.

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