Jumping out of a Tesla on autopilot: What happens to the car? [Video]

Telsa electric cars have become extremely popular around the world because of their performance, the features that they offer and of course, the autopilot mode. While there are many experiments with the autopilot mode in the Tesla cars where the drivers have tried to sleep, watch movies and doing many other things, this one right here is quite interesting. The driver of this Tesla car wants to know what happens when you jump off the vehicle while it is driving itself. The video below explains what exactly happens.

The video is from the Chikichu, who has done it as an experiment. However, we strongly suggest not to do any such things as it may cause grave injuries and can even turn fatal. The person has shot the video on a public road with his friends inside the car. At any given moment, the car was not empty.

In the video, the person shows that the Tesla is on the Autopilot mode and it is set to be on 5 mph speed limit. The vehicle is on the public road and to show what happens when the person tries to open the seat belt while the vehicle is on autopilot, he unbuckled the belt. As soon as the belt gets unbuckled, a warning message pops up on the display and the car applies brakes automatically and comes to a stop.

In the second scenario, he tries to open the door in the autopilot mode. The video shows that the door buttons do not work in the autopilot mode and the door does not open at all. However, using the manual override latch, the door can be opened. The display of the car again shows various warning messages and it comes to a dead stop after the door is opened. So the person decides to go out the window of the moving Tesla.

Jumping out of a Tesla on autopilot: What happens to the car? [Video]

He puts the seatbelt behind him and open the windows and goes out of the window while the vehicle is on the autopilot mode at 5 mph. The video shows that Tesla continues to move forward without any warning. The autopilot in the Tesla is not connected to the weight sensor in the seat so it does not stop or applies the brake. It continues to move forward.

It should be noted that even in the autopilot mode, Tesla asks the driver to keep their hands on the steering wheel. If the car does not detect the hands on the steering wheel, it applies the brakes and parks on the side of the road. There is a video that shows exactly that. Autopilot is still a developing technology and everyone should use it with caution.