Jumping the signal is very risky: Hyderabad police puts out a video showing why

For saving a few seconds, many people jump the traffic signal to get ahead of the crowd. However, it can be extremely dangerous. Cyberabad Traffic police use CCTV video footage to educate everyone about what can go wrong on the roads. Here is a video that shows what can happen when you jump a red light.

The video from 31st May shows multiple camera angles of a junction in Hyderabad city. In the video, two vehicles – a Mahindra Bolero pick-up and a Maruti Suzuki Eeco jump the traffic signal and heads towards the opposite lane. A truck was entering the junction at high speed and since the signal was green, it did not make any efforts to slow down.

The Maruti Suzuki Eeco driver was blocked by the Mahindra Bolero Pick-Up. Both the vehicles collided with the truck. Both Eeco and the Bolero pick-up look extremely heavily damaged. However, we are not sure about the drivers of the vehicles. It looks like they have sustained massive injuries.

Who is at fault here?

Well, the truck had the right to way since his signal was green. The Eeco and Bolero pickup jumped the traffic red light and that is why the accident happened. Jumping red light can be disastrous in any situation. Jumping the light even when the traffic is clear on the other roads increases the chances of accidents. The video shows that it is raining and that decreases the visibility even further.

Jumping a red light will defiantly put you in trouble even if you escape from an accident. Most police forces in India have deployed CCTV cameras on the major intersections and junctions to capture anyone violating the rules and send an e-challan. In fact, most traffic police teams now depend on CCTV cameras for issuing challans.

Slow down on the intersections

Jumping the signal is very risky: Hyderabad police puts out a video showing why

Traffic signal or not, it is always a good idea to slow down on the traffic junctions and intersections, especially in India. Since most people do not give any regard to the traffic signals and do not care much about the laws, it is always advisable to slow down at the junctions to check if the crossing is safe and no other is approaching from a different road.

Actually in India, any motorists need to be high alert to be on the safer side. There are many motorists who try to save their time by jumping the signal or by going in the wrong direction of the road. Such motorists are a danger for everyone and one should be extremely careful.

Most metropolitan cities now have a network of CCTV that is closely monitored by a team of police personnel. The police issue challan based on the violation by tracking the registration number. However, many online challans are wrong due to faulty number plates.

Wrong challans can be challenged through the redressal portal of the traffic police. In recent times, the government and the authorities have worked to increase the challan amount. The increase in the fines is to reduce the number of violations and to make the roads safer.