Just-launched all new 2023 Hyundai Verna compared with the Skoda Slavia sedan [Video]

After a period of quietness, the mid-size sedan segment in India has once again started to make some noise in the Indian car market, thanks to the launch of the all-new Hyundai Verna. This newest sedan in the segment has been launched by the South Korean automaker with the most powerful engine in the segment, along with a ton of features and polarizing looks on the outside. As the newest model, it is now being compared to all the other sedans in the segment. Recently, a video comparison of the new Verna with the Skoda Slavia has been shared on YouTube.

The video of the all-new Verna and Slavia comparison has been shared by Gagan Choudhary on his channel. The video starts with the introduction of the two sedans standing next to each other. First off, he starts with the comparison of the keys of both sedans and mentions that the key to the Verna looks a lot more premium and offers a few more functionalities, such as the start button which is absent from the Skoda Slavia’s key. He then moves on to the exterior design of both sedans. He mentions that the Slavia in this video is a slightly customized model.

He states that the owner of this particular Slavia has blacked out all the chrome from the exterior of the car and wrapped it in a matte finish. He then mentions that the Slavia gets a decent-sized LED projector headlamp, front grille, and overall looks great. Following this, he moves on to the exterior design of the new Verna. He starts by mentioning that it boasts a much more futuristic look and is a lot lower than the Slavia. The presenter then shows the new parametric grille in dark chrome and split LED headlight design setup along with cornering lights and indicators. He then moves on to the rear design of both cars and mentions that the Verna looks much better than the Slavia and in his opinion is the best looking rear in the segment.

The presenter then first sits inside the Slavia and shows the features offered in the car. He criticizes the complex controls of the phone connectivity and calls in the sedan but appreciates the fully-digital instrument cluster. He then shows the interior of the Verna and before entering mentions that the Slavia’s door thud seems better and the overall quality is also a bit better. He mentions that the Verna gets an all-black interior as opposed to the dual-tone interior of the Slavia. He adds that the cabin of Verna feels more modern and spacious. He also states that it gets a few more features than the Slavia.

Just-launched all new 2023 Hyundai Verna compared with the Skoda Slavia sedan [Video]

Following this, the presenter shares his driving impressions of both sedans. He first starts off the drive with the Slavia and shares its power specs. He mentions that the Slavia is powered by a 1.5L turbo petrol engine producing around 150 bhp and 250 Nm of torque. The first thing he mentions is that the car is very powerful but the steering is on the lighter side. He adds that the prior Skoda vehicles used to provide a more connected steering feel, but the new Skodas are missing it. He adds that the overall ride quality is good, but the best quality is offered by the Honda City.

The presenter then takes the driving seat in the Hyundai Verna and mentions that it comes available with a 1.5L TGDi turbo petrol engine which produces around 160 bhp and 253 Nm of torque. He then starts the car and drives it quite aggressively. The presenter then mentions that the Verna feels a little faster but the steering control is a little less than that of the Slavia. He states that the steering in Verna feels a little heavier than the Slavia, but the Slavia gets a more direct steering. In the end the presenter mentions that the Slavia is a better drivers car but the Verna is an overall better car in all dynamics.