Just miss! Distracted moron swerves into wrong lane; Reflexes save Fiat Punto driver

A distracted driver of a Ashok Leyland Dost nearly look out a bunch of bikers and a Fiat Punto on the State Highway 10 between Veppur and Chinnasalem. Dashcam footage shows how close this shave was for the Fiat Punto driver, whose sharp reflexes, and perhaps some luck, saved from what looked like a head-on collision.

As this video shows, the Ashok Leyland Dost swerves into the path of three motorcyclists, in what is likely to be a case of distracted driving. He misses the motorcyclists by a whisker and comes directly onto the path of a Fiat Punto. The Punto driver swerves to the right lane (wrong side of the road) to escape the Ashok Leyland Dost barreling towards him. This change of direction by the Punto driver ensures that the Dost and the car don’t collide, thus averting a major mishap.

Beware of distracted driving!

You may be the best driver in the world but you don’t really have control on what other drivers are doing. And human error is the single biggest factor causing all accidents. On Indian roads, distracted driving is common, from motorcyclists busy talking on cellphones while riding, to drivers nearly asleep behind the wheel. Your best bet to tackle such riders/drivers is to stay very alert. Even a slight lapse in concentration at the wrong moment could cause a big accident.

Invest in a safety-rich car or motorcycle is like having additional insurance. For motorcyclists, this means buying one with ABS at the bare minimum, and wearing safety gear. For car drivers, it’s about opting for well-built cars with airbags as standard, and also always wearing seatbelts. Once again, not being distracted while riding/driving is crucial to avoid accidents on the road. It’s important to be well rested especially before embarking on long distance rides/drives.

Video Courtesy – Sai Aditya