Justin Bieber’s Floating Rolls Royce Wraith looks futuristic: Cries on seeing it for first time

Rolls Royce is a brand that is the first choice of many celebrities around the world. But that does not stop the rich and famous from getting something unique and stand out from the crowd. Rolls Royce offers thousands of customisation options straight from the factory. That is why we don’t get to see many modified examples of the car on the roads. However, there are a few celebrities who take that road. Justin Beiber is one such owner of the Rolls Royce sedan who has completely changed it and made it look like a floating car.

Justin Beiber’s Rolls Royce Wraith looks one-of-its-kind. In fact, it looks like a futuristic concept vehicle. That is because the looks are inspired by the Rolls Royce 103 EX concept. The concept vehicle was unveiled by Rolls Royce many years back. The 103 EX was a concept that aimed at zero emissions but the modifications done to the Beiber’s Wraith are limited to only the visual changes.

The modification job is done by West Coast Customs. They were approached by Justin Beiber who demanded to buy the 103 EX. However, Rolls Royce clearly said no and informed that the vehicle is not for sale and is a design concept.

The job took 3 years

Justin Bieber’s Floating Rolls Royce Wraith looks futuristic: Cries on seeing it for first time

West Coast Customs took the job of modifying a standard Rolls Royce Wraith. They did a lot of chopping and welding for that. The length of the Wraith was reduced by 8 inches and widening it by 12 inches. The custom garage also added the futuristic-looking wheel covers that add the floating effect to the vehicle.

They first made the design on the graphic only and then they started working on the vehicle in real life. They fabricated new panels by doing 3D modelling and also made customised moulds for the vehicle. It gets two-tone colour – gloss silver and matte grey to give it a tasteful look and not highlighting it on the roads.

There were quite a few challenges, in the end, to assemble the vehicle together because a lot of parts were brand-new and were custom made. West Coast Customs also made unique LED lamps to add the dramatics light effect to the customised Rolls Royce.

Cabin changed too

To match the cabin to the futuristic-looking exterior, the customisation job completely changed the interiors. The vehicle now has customised door panels, seats and a customised sound system that is equivalent to the studio sound. They wanted to give Justin Beiber an ambience that he can use to listen to his new records.

The West Coast Customs have named the vehicle “Uriel”, which translates into the God of light. The vehicle’s design is made to look like it is floating on the roads. The video also shows Justin Beiber’s reaction on seeing the vehicle for the first time and he started crying seeing the vehicle for the first time. Beiber even sits inside the car and checks out the vehicle inside out.