Kannada movie actor Kichcha Sudeep gets his Toyota Vellfire protected with matte PPF [Video]

Sudeep Toyota Vellfire PPF

Movie stars are some of the highest-paid professionals in the world, and for this reason, they often spend a fortune on their lifestyles. One of the most prominent elements of their luxurious lifestyles is the cars they drive. While many celebrities opt for fancy sports cars and SUVs, some of the most respected actors in the industry choose the most comfortable MPVs that money can buy, such as Toyota’s flagship MPV, the Vellfire. Recently, one of Kannada movie industry’s biggest actors – Kichcha Sudeep – got his Toyota Vellfire protected with matte PPF.

The video of the Toyota Vellfire getting protected by PPF has been shared on YouTube by Drivehood on their channel. The video shows a glimpse of the actor receiving the car from the shop owner at the beginning, followed by behind-the-scenes shots of the car in the shop. In the first clip, technicians can be seen giving the car a thorough hand wash. The MPV is cleaned from the outside, after which the application process of the paint protection film is shown.

It should be noted that the shop technicians removed the chrome grille from the car to ensure optimal installation of the PPF. The entire MPV is then seen getting protected with the matte PPF. For those unaware, PPF stands for paint protection film, also known as clear bra. It is a thermoplastic urethane film applied to the painted surfaces of a vehicle to protect it from scratches, rock chips, and other forms of damage.

The film is transparent and is custom-cut to fit the specific make and model of the vehicle. It can be applied to the entire vehicle or specific areas, such as the front bumper or the bonnet. Paint protection film is resistant to UV rays, chemicals, and weathering and can be removed without damaging the underlying paint. It is a popular choice for those looking to maintain the appearance and resale value of their vehicle.

Kannada movie actor Kichcha Sudeep gets his Toyota Vellfire protected with matte PPF [Video]

After the car is complete, a small walkaround of the car can be seen in the video. The video also highlights the custom K logo of the actor Kichcha Sudeep on the side of the car. The windows of the MPV were completely blacked out for the actor’s privacy. As for the specifications and brand of the PPF used by the company, they have not been mentioned.

The car in the video is the flagship MPV Vellfire from the Indo-Japanese carmaker Toyota Kirloskar Motor. The Vellfire is the most expensive MPV sold by Toyota in India and is not produced in India; instead, it is imported via the Completely Built Unit (CBU) route. This imposing MPV on the exterior is adorned with a ton of chrome and features some gigantic proportions.

A parallel-hybrid petrol engine helps this behemoth MPV chauffeur its passengers. There are two distinct electric motors in addition to a 2.5-liter petrol engine with a maximum output of 117 PS. The Vellfire’s electric motor at the front axle has a maximum output of 143 PS, while the motor at the back has a maximum output of 68 PS. With separate electric motors on each axle, the Vellfire acts like a 4WD vehicle. According to ARAI test results, the Vellfire offers up to 16.35 km/l, making it one of the most fuel-efficient MPVs in India. Regenerative braking is used to replenish the electric motor’s batteries.