Comedian Kapil Sharma files FIR against Car Designer Dilip Chhabria for cheating

Dilip Chhabria, the owner and founder of DC Design was arrested in December 2020 by Mumbai Criminal Intelligence Unit (CIU). Now popular comedian Kapil Sharma has approached the CIU and filed an FIR against the ace designer for cheating. After the FIR on 7th January, the CIU produced Chhabria in court on Monday to seek permission to arrest him in the cheating case by the comedian. The court has granted permission to CIU to arrest Chhabria for cheating the comedian.

Comedian Kapil Sharma files FIR against Car Designer Dilip Chhabria for cheating

According to Kapil Sharma, Dilip Chhabria took Rs 5.7 crore for designing a vanity van in 2017. However,  the designer did not deliver the final product to the comedian. Defence lawyer, who is representing Chhabria argued that it is a civil dispute and not a criminal case. The vanity van was 90% complete and the complainant Kapil Sharma did not visit the garage to finalise the colour of the vehicle as well as a few other things, which is why the vehicle could not be delivered.

On 7th January, Sharma approached CIU and recorded his statement against Chhabria. In the statement, he mentioned that he approached DC in 2017 for a vanity van and paid Rs 5.3 crore between May 2017 and May 2018. He later found out that there is no progress on his order and approached Chhabria in July 2018. However, Chhabria then allegedly demanded an additional Rs 40 lakh as GST (goods and service tax). Sharma paid the amount in July 2018 but again he did not get any development or progress on the vehicle.

Comedian Kapil Sharma files FIR against Car Designer Dilip Chhabria for cheating

When Sharma demanded his money back but Chhabria said that he will deliver the van soon and demanded an additional Rs 60 lakh. Sharma then approached National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) in 2019. Following which, NCLT froze Chhabria’s account. Kapil Sharma then received a bill of around Rs 12 lakh for parking the vehicle and keeping the spare parts in the DC factory premises. Sharma then approached Mumbai Police economic offences wing (EOW) and registered a complaint. Now, CIU will register a separate case against Chhabria and will investigate the case.

Kapil Sharma also shared a rendering image of the van that DC Design promised him to deliver.

DC Design fraud

Dilip Chhabria was arrested on 28 December 2020 following a scam unearthed by CIU. The designer got arrested for various charges including fraud. The CIU of Mumbai Police has seized 14 DC Avanti cars from the manufacturing facility in Pune. The team also seized more than 40 units of engines imported from a foreign country to power the DC Avanti. The cops later launched a manhunt for Dilip’s son Bonito and his sister.

Mumbai Police accused Dilip Chhabria of changing the VIN and chassis number of the vehicles and taking multiple loans for the same vehicle from various NBFCs. Also, all the vehicles seized by CIU have dual registration numbers. Dilip Chhabria Designs Pvt Ltd have documents that show that they imported 400 engines to use in the Avanti. However, only 127 units of the Avanti were ever manufactured and sold. Out of these, sixty-eight cars are used by himself and his family and all these cars had dual registration numbers. Many of these cars were also used for fraudulent financing by taking loans from non-banking financial companies.

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