Comedian Kapil Sharma: Dilip Chhabria Tried To Extract Money Illegally

Kapil Sharma vs DC case

We all know that stand-up comedian and actor Kapil Sharma had filed a case against Dilip Chhabria – popular car designer for cheating. He even got Mr. Chhabria arrested. We have already written about this case in one of our articles in the past. If you want to know more about this particular case, click here. Now Kapil Sharma has told Enforcement Directorate (ED) that Dilip Chhabria tried to shift the blame onto him for non-delivery of a vehicle that he had ordered and tried to extract money from him illegally.

Comedian Kapil Sharma: Dilip  Chhabria Tried To Extract Money Illegally
Kapil Sharma vs DC case

The statement has been given by Mohammad Hamid, who is an authorized representative of Kapil Sharma in the case filed against Chhabria in a money laundering case. A special Prevention of Money Laundering Act court looking into the case went through the chargesheet against Chhabria and has issued summons against the designer and six others in this case. The court has asked them to appear in court on February 26. Dilip Chhabria is accused of cheating many celebrities and Kapil Sharma is one among them.

As per the statement made by Kapil Sharma’s representative, Kapil Sharma, the sole proprietor of K9 Productions, had approached Dilip Chhabria for a customized vanity van in December 2016. The cost of the vanity van back then was around Rs 4.5 crore excluding taxes. Kapil Sharma agreed to the terms and a payment of Rs 5.31 crore, including all taxes, was made to the designer. Kapil Sharma’s representative then mentioned that DC Designs Private Ltd failed to deliver the vanity van to the actor nor did they refund the money.

When Mohammad Hamid asked Dilip about the delay in delivering the vehicle, Chhabria told him that they had purchased all the material to finish the interiors and it is all kept in a warehouse. Hamid had actually visited DC’s Pune facility to know the current status of the vehicle. Chhabria even told Hamid about the financial crunch that he was going through and asked for money.

After this incident, Dilip Chhabria sent an additional quotation of Rs 54,20,800 to Kapil Sharma and asked for funds for delivery of the vehicle. When Dilip asked for money suddenly, it raised suspicion in the mind of Kapil Sharma and when he asked Mr. Chhabria about the same, he took a hostile approach. After this, Dilip started sending mail correspondences to Kapil Sharma and started falsely blaming him for not inspecting the vehicle on time and he cited the same as the reason for not delivering the vehicle on time.

When this happened, Kapil Sharma probably knew DC’s intentions to cheat and that is when he decided to move legally against the designer. Kapil Sharma sent a notice of recovery to the designer’s firm in April 2019. Chhabria didn’t stop there and came up with more illegal ways to extort money from the actor. He even sent Kapil Sharma’s firm parking charges for a vanity van that was never delivered to the customer. ED said that the accused person and his firm have knowingly got into illegal ways to raise money for their own gain and have caused loss to all the complainants.

Via: ET