Kapil Sharma’s new vanity van is a ‘5-Star hotel room on wheels’

Popular comedian Kapil Sharma needs no introduction. Well known for making TV-viewers across the country laugh at his crazy, hilarious antics, the comedian is easily one of the most popular of his kinds today. However, his popularity took a hit when the famous actor-comedian got into a mid-air brawl with co-actor Sunil Grover. The actor-comedian is once again in news, for his brand-new king-size vanity van that can put to shame the ones owned by some leading Bollywood stars.

kapil sharma vanity van images


Kapil Sharma’s vanity van has been done up by Dilip Chhabria (DC). DC has been behind the designs of vanity vans of many Bollywood stars, like Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt, but Kapil’s van has to be the most well-equipped one we’ve seen till date. It comes with features like air-conditioning, TV, automatic door locking, LED ambient lighting, electric recliner, make-up facilities, etc.  Kapil’s van looks swankier than even Shahrukh Khan’s very opulent bus. Christened as the ‘Khan Workspace’, this vanity van comes with a rich interior and many features. While it used to be the swankiest one in our books, Kapil’s new possession has outclassed King Khan’s bus in terms of lavishness, design, and features.

kapil sharma vanity van images

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Kapil Sharma is about to start his new show in a matter of some days. It’s being said that Kapil’s show won’t be yet another regular comedy show. It is being reported that for his next show, Kapil will start it with a stand-up comedy act but will even invite guests to play interesting games with him. “The winning families will get to take home household items as well as cars. Kiku Sharda who was part of the earlier show will return in a woman’s avatar. Chandan Prabhakar comes back as Kapil’s aide to host the game segment. Contrary to rumours, Ali Asgar isn’t on board yet.”, quotes a popular news daily. The upcoming comedy show is likely to go on air in mid-March. It will replace Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s Super Dancer Chapter 2.

Via Times Now

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