10 year-old kid uses karate kick to break car windscreen and rescue his drowning family

Monsoon has already arrived and certain parts of country is experiencing heavy rainfall too. Rivers are overflowing and driving on Indian roads become a lot more challenging during this time. Several accidents happen due to careless driving during monsoon and we have seen several reports of the same in the past. Here we have a report of a 10 year old kid who saved himself and his family from drowning after the SUV in which they were travelling got stuck into a caved portion on a bridge.

10 year-old kid uses karate kick to break car windscreen and rescue his drowning family

According to reports, the family was returning home from Murud last Sunday when this incident happened. Maharashtra has been receiving heavy rainfall and India Meteorological Department has issued an Orange alert for this district due to constant rainfall. The family was travelling on Murud-Alibaug road in Raigad. A portion of a narrow bridge on Kashid village on their way had caved in due to heavy rainfall.

The family was travelling in an SUV and they were unaware of the caved-in portion on the bridge. The front wheel of the SUV got stuck in caved-in portion of the bridge. The car fell into the caved portion but, did not fall into the river completely as it got stuck on a tree. Water started entering the cabin of the SUV and Sagar Bhayade (40) who was driving the SUV was unable to open the door due to flooding. Meanwhile, his son Shree Bhayade who was sitting in the rear seat started kicking the windscreen. After kicking the glass several times, the glass got shattered and through the gap, he got out.

10 year-old kid uses karate kick to break car windscreen and rescue his drowning family

Once he got out, Shree opened door on the driver side and helped him get out. Sagar then rescued his wife and his second child from the vehicle. Sagar said, “We were returning home around 7.45 pm after visiting my native in Murud. The caved-in portion was not visible as it was pitch dark. The car plunged about 15 feet into the caved-in portion, but got stuck in a tree. Within minutes, our SUV was filled with water. We started panicking, as the door got locked. I tried to break the window pane on my side, while my son kept kicking the rear windscreen and managed to break it. He got out and opened the door.”

He also added, “We were stuck in the SUV for about five minutes, but we remained under the bridge in the water holding the tree branches for about 15 minutes. It was a scary experience. But my son’s efforts in helping us come out of the SUV saved us all.”

10 year-old kid uses karate kick to break car windscreen and rescue his drowning family

Sagar mentioned that his son Shree who broke the windshield and got out of the car first has been practicing karate since he was three years old. It was his presence of mind that actually saved there lives. Sagar also mentioned that, once they got out, he lifted Shree on his shoulder and pushed him above the tree branches, so that he can get on the bridge. It was Shree who went out and sought help from the locals villagers while the family was holding on to the tree branches. After hearing about the incident, Raigad SP Ashok Dudhe felicitated Shree for his brave act.

via: TOI

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