Karlmann King: The world’s most EXPENSIVE SUV on video

When you think of luxury SUVs what all names come to your mind? Rolls Royce Cullinan, Bentley Bentayga, Lamborghini Urus are some of the names. Have you ever heard of an SUV which is much more expensive than the ones listed above? Yes you read it right! an SUV expensive than the most expensive ones. Karlmann King SUV is what we are talking about.

The Karlmann King is the world’s most expensive SUV with a starting price of around $1 million, or Rs. 7.2 crore (before import duty and other taxes). The SUV has a unique design to it on the outside. The design is intentionally made asymmetrical. It has two doors on one side and a single door on the other. This sharp and edgy design language is called diamond design. It is uneven like a diamond but that is what makes it special as well.

The exterior design of the Karlmann King is very unique. It looks like something from a transformers movie or a batmobile. The designer also adds that the design of the Karlmann King has also taken inspiration from a Stealth fighter jet. Even the paint scheme it gets is all matte black with golden accents at places.

Karlmann King: The world’s most EXPENSIVE SUV on video

Coming to platform of Karlmann King, It is build on Ford F550 Chassis. This platform allows them to adapt different types of shells on to it. The Karlmann King is a highly customisable vehicle. The Interiors and exteriors of the SUV can modified or customized as per buyer preferences. The video also shows a glimpse different materials that can be used in the interiors. The Karlmann King even gets an option to be a bullet proof vehicle, but just like all other customisations, that also comes at an extra cost.

Talking about the mechanicals, The Karlmann King as mentioned earlier uses a Ford F550 platform and is a heavy vehicle with all these customisations around. It is powered by a 6.7L V10 Ford engine that produces a maximum of 420 Hp. The Karlmann King can do speeds of up to 220 Km/h which is commendable for an SUV of this size. Will we be seeing this SUV in India?? well no idea. Who knows if Ambani’s have any plans to add this beast of an SUV to their garage. will have to just wait and watch. It’ll be the most expensive SUV in Ambani’s garage, with a landed price of about Rs. 15 crores (after taxes and duties).