Karlmann King: World’s most expensive SUV makes the Ambanis’ Bentley Bentayga seem cheap

SUVs are meant to be badass and show their brutal side whenever needed. Most modern SUVs have lost that touch and have become somewhat subtle. Here is a customised SUV is known as Karlmann King and it will be the scariest thing that you will see on the road.  It carries a price tag of $ 2 million, which roughly translates towards the north of Rs. 13 crores.

What is it about?

The customised SUV is based on the Ford F-550 commercial truck. The design is inspired by a stealth fighter but the design changes will not let it keep stealthy on the road.

The SUVs exterior has been completely updated with custom work. There are no curves on the body and it only gets straight, angular surfaces that give it a very dominant look. Even the lamps are in angular shape. The headlamps and the foglamps are triangular and get angled DRL inside. The front grille is massive with the logo of the modder in the middle. It is a four-door SUV that gets space for 4 people.

The Beijing based customizer can even add body armour to make the SUV bulletproof. Of course, more money will be needed for that other than the $2 million. The interiors are lounge inspired. The rear seats are lounge seats and there is ample artistic and crafty work done on the interiors. It gest LED mood lamps, starry ceiling similar to the Rolls Royce vehicles, a widescreen TV, refrigerator and an espresso machine.

The vehicle gets power from Ford’s 6.8-litre V10 engine but due to the heavy weight of the vehicle, it can only go up to 140 km/h. It gets all-wheel drive system that can take the SUV to most terrains without much problem.

The customizer says that the vehicle can be operated in most testing conditions. The operating temperature varies from as low as -40 degrees to 200 degrees. The SUV is 8.2 feet wide, which sure will not be suitable for crowded streets unless you’re planning to run over the vehicles. It weighs a massive six tonne.

Customers can even get a six-seat, six-door version of the vehicle but it will be made in a limited number. IAT, who has designed the vehicle says only 9 units (which is a lucky number in China) of the vehicle will be made.