Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy’s Range Rover stopped by Election Commission for checking

With the General Elections coming up in India, strict checking of vehicles have started around the country. Karnataka CM, HD Kumaraswamy, who was travelling in a convoy was flagged down to stop at an election check post in Hassan district in the Southern Karnataka and his Land Rover Range Rover was checked by the police officials.

Since the CM has Z Plus security cover, he can be seen travelling with a large convoy of cars with a police Toyota Innova travelling in front followed by a Tata Safari that carries all the wireless communication devices and network jammers for the safety of the convoy. The third car in the convoy is where HD Kumaraswamy was sitting and the vehicle stopped in front of the police officials.

The officials greet the Chief Minister with a salute and then go on to check the Range Rover’s boot thoroughly. After checking the vehicle, the police officials start talking with the CM and his bodyguards from the Mahindra Scorpio come to his vehicle too. Within seconds, the Range Rover can be seen with a cover of a crowd. Soon the cops signal the Range Rover to go ahead and all the vehicles follow it in the convoy. There are a total of nine vehicles in the convoy with a police Mahindra Bolero trailing the convoy and the whole convoy followed by an ambulance, which is a protocol whenever a Z Plus personality travels in a convoy.

Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy’s Range Rover stopped by Election Commission for checking

Such check posts set-up ahead and during the election time serve various purposes. The check posts check all the vehicles for any illegal material that may be carried by the individuals including cash and liquor. Election Commission of India keeps on updating about the latest seizures of illegal materials.

It should be noted that Kumaraswamy earlier ditched the Toyota Fortuner that was allocated to him by the government. He instead chose the Land Rover Range Rover, which is his personal car. According to various reports, the CM of Karnataka chose his own personal vehicle over the government allocated vehicle because of personal health reasons. He has reportedly modified the Range Rover’s suspension system and seats to make it more comfortable for long distance journeys. It should be noted that even in stock form, the Land Rover Range Rover is one of the most comfortable vehicles in the market. It comes with an air suspension system and the seats are extremely comfortable. Kumaraswamy was seen sitting in the co-passenger seat instead of the rear seats too.

The Land Rover Range Vogue carries a whopping price tag of Rs. 1.75 crore, ex-showroom. It is much more comfortable than the old-gen Toyota Fortuner, which is known for its bouncy ride quality. With elections coming up soon, more such checkpoints are expected to come up in the future.