Karnataka man has been living in his Premier Padmini for the last 17 years [Video]

We have heard of stories where people have converted their cars into homes for road trips but, here we have a story of a man who has been living in his Premier Padmini sedan parked in a forest for the last 17 years. The story is about Chandrasekar from Karnataka. He has been living in his beloved Premier Padmini car in forest in Dakshina Kannada region in Karnataka. The forest where Chandrasekar is currently located between Adtale and Nekkare near Aranthodu of Sullia taluk, Dakshina Kannada district.

The video has been uploaded by NEWS9 live on their YouTube channel. In this video report, the car is referred as a Hindustan Ambassador but, it is actually a Premier Padmini. Inside the forest is  shed where Chandrasekar has parked his Premier Padmini sedan. He parked the car inside the shed to protect it from the rain and sun. The off-white coloured Premier Padmini which was a very popular car during its time can be seen inside the car. As mentioned above, the car has been lying inside the shed for the last 17 years and many of the panels have rusted away. An old radio has been kept on the bonnet of the car and that is what keeps him informed about the things that are happening in the world.

Chandrasekar has been living in the car and has adjusted his lifestyle according to the environment around him. He has two pair of clothes, a pair of rubber slippers and has not trimmed his beard for many years. He uses the river nearby to take bath and has a small kitchen set up inside the tent for himself. He uses dried creepers and climbers to make basket. He takes them to a nearby market and sells them for the money or in exchange of sugar and other kitchen essentials. He has a cycle which takes to the nearby town whenever he has to buy the groceries. Due to these harsh living style, Chandrasekar’s body is looking very lean and weak.

Karnataka man has been living in his Premier Padmini for the last 17 years [Video]

What exactly happened?

Chandrasekar was not always like this. He was once a man who owned 1.5 acres of land where he grew areca nuts. He was a farmer and was doing well. In 2003, Chandrasekar decided to take a loan of Rs 40,000 from a cooperative bank. Unfortunately, Chandrasekar was unable to pay the loan back and due to this, the bank attached his 1.5 acres of land which he had mortgaged. He tried getting the land back but, was unable to do so as the bank had sold the land to another person in an auction. He still has the papers to his land and other important documents in the car.

He could not accept the fact and moved to his sisters place for sometime. There he had some disagreement with his sister’s family and left the house in his Premier Padmini car. He drove the car to the place where he is living currently. He parked the car and started living in it since then. As Chandrasekar has never harmed or stolen anything from the forest, the Forest Department has not asked him to move out. As this is a forest, elephants, wild boar and even leopards have often peeked into his tent. Snakes have also creeped into his tent. Chandrasekar continues to live in his Premier Padmini that has now started to rust. He was offered help from authorities but, Chandrasekar turn them down and continued to live in the car. Even after 17 years, he still dreams of getting his piece of land back one day.