Kartik Aryan gets fined for parking Lamborghini Urus on wrong side

After movie star Kartik Aryan visited Siddhivinayak Temple on Friday to seek blessings for his new movie ‘Shehzada’, Mumbai Police handed over a challan to him. Kartik Aryan got into trouble after his Lamborghini Urus was spotted in the no-parking zone of the city.

Mumbai Police issued a challan to Kartik Aryan and also shared a quirky post on Twitter. The police also shared a picture of the car. We are not sure if the police handed over the physical challan on the site or did an online challan based on the picture of the vehicle.

The caption read: “Problem? Problem yeh thi ki the car was parked on the wrong side! Don’t do the ‘Bhool’ of thinking that ‘Shehzadaas’ can flout traffic rules.” The traffic police blurred the number of the actor’s vehicle. The cops did not share the challan amount publicly.

Police have issued challans to movie stars before

This is not the first time that movie stars have got challans from the police. Last year, Allu Arjun was issued a challan for having dark tints on his car. Hyderabad Police issued a challan after they caught Allu Arjun in a tinted Range Rover and also removed the dark tints from the vehicle.

Similarly, Telugu actor Naga Chaitanya’s Toyota Vellfire was stopped by the cops and issued a hefty challan by the police a last year. The black tints are banned by the Supreme Court of India. One needs special permission to install the dark tints for security reasons.

Kartik Aryan Urus was airlifted from Italy

Kartik Aryan gets fined for parking Lamborghini Urus on wrong side

When Kartik Aryan bought the new Urus, he spent Rs 50 lakh extra to airlift his car. He got the car airlifted from Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy, the home of Lamborghini. Kartik had to spend a lot to get his hands on the Urus three months earlier. According to the reports, Kartik Aryan spent around Rs 50 lakh to airlift the Lamborghini Urus. It was the fastest way for him to get his hands on the car.

The Lamborghini Urus already costs a lot due to the CBU import duties in India. The price of the Urus is around Rs 4.5 crore, on-road and Rs 3 crore, ex-showroom. Kartik chose the black colour for his SUV and he also got a fancy registration number plate on his car.

Kartik Aryan gets fined for parking Lamborghini Urus on wrong side

The actor also owns a McLaren GT. He got it as a gift from producer Bhushan Kumar for the success of the movie Bhool Bhulaiya 2. Mumbai Police used his successful movies to create the quirky caption on Twitter. Kartik Aryan, however, loves to move around in his Lamborghini Urus and is mostly seen in the performance SUV.

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