Scared owner of 60 year-old Land Rover Series 3 IMPRESSED with Katrina Kaif’s driving skills

Katrina Kaif Land Rover Featured

British car manufacturer, Land Rover has made some iconic vehicles in its long history. One of the most iconic vehicles from its early days is the Land Rover Series 3, which became the last vehicle in the Land Rover’s Series model. The iconic Series III started production in 1971 and remained in the market till 1985. Land Rover’s vintage vehicles often make an appearance on the movie screens and here is one more such movie where it will be spotted.


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The new Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan starring Bharat will be released later this year. While we can’t say much about the movie, we can definitely talk about the vehicle used in it. In a recent tweet, Katrina Kaif posted a picture of her driving a Land Rover Series III with a man sitting in the co-driver’s seat. She put a caption saying “The man beside me is the actual owner of this classic 1960s Land Rover, who was convinced I couldn’t handle the car, while I was convinced I could”.

The number plate of the vehicle indicates that it belongs to the Middle East. The exact shooting location of the car is not known though. The car spotted in the picture is in immaculate condition and everything in the vehicle looks like stock except for the mirrors. Such a Land Rover Series III is likely to have a very high value in the market, which can easily run into crores.

The Series III was the best-selling vehicle from all the models available under the Land Rover Series umbrella. Land Rover produced as many as 4,40,000 units of the Land Rover Series III. The SUV received a 2.25-litre engine and the compression of the engine was raised from 7:1 to 8:1, which also increased the power of the engine slightly. It was the first ever vehicle to feature synchromesh on all four gears.

The exact role of the car in the movie is not known but since it is a high-action packed movie, it will surely have some stunts. Katrina Kaif reportedly drove the vehicle all by herself after she convinced the owner that she can handle the car carefully. Since these old-school cars are free of any assists and are not controlled by computers, they can feel little different when it comes to driving when compared to modern cars. And since this is a rare vehicle around the world, the owner must have felt uneasy. However, Katrina Kaif is a pro driver and she can ride motorcycles too.

Well, since we have now seen the Land Rover Series-III, we hope that there are many more such vintage and classy vehicles in the movie for the sake of car lovers!