Kawasaki Bajaj Caliber converted into a hot rod scrambler

The Caliber series bikes were made during the time of manufacturing partnership between Bajaj and Kawasaki. Most of the bikes made by the duo of Bajaj-Kawasaki were good sellers and were fairly popular. For those of you who always had a liking for Kawa-Bajaj Caliber bike, here is a custom modified scrambler based on the Caliber 115. The regular commuter has been converted into a hot shot scrambler and it looks quite good. Let’s now checkout the video below by Bullet Singh Boisar before proceeding towards the details of this bike.

As seen in the video, the Caliber now looks very different to how it started its life in the assembly line. It has been given the typical scrambler look in a well proportioned package. However, the engine has not been tweaked so don’t expect it to go off the line like a rocket. The aftermarket exhaust fitted on the bike sure gives it a good exhaust note and it could also be providing the bike with a little spike in power. That being said, the bike is still quite fun to ride in the city due to its light weight and sporty stance. The bike you see in the video may be based on the Caliber 115 but now it is an amalgamation of various bikes in one. Let’s now get to know the changes made on the bike in detail.

Kawa Scrambler 2

Starting with the front, a new circular headlight now adorns the custom front fairing. The headlights are topped by a single pod instrument cluster which is an aftermarket unit and displays all the relevant information. The front fender, rims and tires are taken off from the Yamaha FZ and fitted on this bike after proper calibration. The front forks and the rear monoshock suspension too are ripped off from the Yamaha FZ. Then comes the tank, which is lifted off the Yamaha Libero. The scrambler-spec saddle is a custom made unit finished in a shade of tan.

The engine of the Caliber is a 111.6 cc unit and is pretty compact in size. The engine’ smallish size is the reason why there is so much space under the tank. Moving on, the rear swing arm is again picked up from the Yamaha FZ. Then comes the footrest, which are taken from the Pulsar 180. As we had already said that this bike is now an amalgamation of multiple bikes, the scrambler here has parts from total four bikes including the Caliber upon which it is based.

Kawa Scrambler

Other modifications on the bike include a chopped rear frame, LED light strip on the back of the seat which acts as the tail light, custom brake lever and the engine belly plate. The bike has been finished in a combination of blue-cyan paint job which looks decent to say the least. The total cost involved in this mod job is around Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 35,000, which again is quite good considering the amount of changes made on the bike.